Scared people are talking about me and do not like me

(Toronto, ON)

Since the time I was in elementary school, I have been afraid of students judging me, teasing me and talking behind my back. I have experienced girls being rude to me from a young age, for no particular reason.

I have never had a weight problem and am a sweet girl. I never understood why, and thought it was something about me!

Throughout my University career this fear became worse and developed into a serious anxiety. There is now a situation where a girl in my university has made it known that she does not like me.

I fear that everyone is against me. Everyday my heart beats fast and my hands begin to sweat just thinking about confrontations. I dont know why. I cant explain why I cannot be stronger than this. I develop bad headaches and cant concentrate or enjoy myself on anything else.

It seems as though these thoughts are overpowering everything else and can no longer enjoy my life. I have an amazing family, great boyfriend and some good friends. Still, I am never happy because my mind is always occupied with this fear.

Most of all, Im scared people are talking behind my back and will all go against me, especially in public. Im scared.

Does someone else have this fear?

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