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Totally get it
by: Anonymous

I have the same exact fear. Its really hard to deal with because i want everyone to like me so bad. For me it was different a little because i actually was the fat kid in class growing up, and kids were brutal. Ive been through it all, teasing bullying slandering etc. Now that im in college, im grown into my body and im a good-looking guy, but its really hard for me to accept that i am because i feel ugly. Because of this and my hardships, i worry often whether or not people truly like me and what they really think about me when im not around. The best thing you can do for yourself is to constantly remind yourself that youre awesome and that although not everyone gets along, you are a unique and special person just the way you are. Also, its so important to seek out positive relationships with good natured people who will build up your self esteem

bitchy people gossiping about me
by: Anonymous

I Know exactly how you feel, from the age of 15 i was spotted by model agency and started modelling all the girls ripped me to bits being openly hostile.
I am now 40 tall slim very attractive and still being treated like a pariah.
I am a very kind caring person but people are so two faced and cant wait to stab me in the back.
I feel i cant trust people and feel constantly on guard. Even though i know they have the problem. I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks in crowded places.
My husband children and faith have helped but other peoples vicious jelousy has sometimes made life unbearable, it is hard to stay strong but i am accepting i will never be part of the click because i will have to be like them.
I am concentrating on things that bring me happiness, and trying to stay positive hope you can see these people for what they are.
stay positive and hold your head high.

I know how you feel...
by: Anonymous

I don't get that nervous and stuff like you do, bu I get pretty scared sometimes. I'm skinny, pretty good looking, have great bf, and some good friends too, but I'm pretty shy. So sometimes, I feel like a bunch of people are out to get me and people talk about me. Though I know some do in one of my classes because they're just rude.

It really stresses me out and makes me scared. I'm currently trying to overcome this, and by reading what other people (like me) have gone/been going through it comforts me in a way.

same here!
by: Anonymous

I do have fear of people also.My high school was wasted with people putting me down all the time saying I looked ugly and girls especially hated me as I was only comfortable talking to mostly guys and one or two real nice girls.I was always nervous and had social anxiety.Now being in university I am always having people targeting my sensitiveness all the time.Whenever I be very nice to people,they take advantage of me so I dont like being nice to people who are not my friends(I have only few).I feel isolated and wonder if I can ever have a peaceful social life without any fears.If you would like to talk to me you can email at timesquare66 at would like to meet someone with same problem and maybe we can help each other out.

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