Scared of worms... and elevators.

by Jean S.
(Manila, Philippines)

I am really, truly, terrified of worms. Both disgusted and terrified. Yes, I know that they've done nothing wrong to me but... just typing this makes my stomach turn. Ugh. Whenever I'd see worms I'd scoot away as far as I could. Some of the people who know me thinks I'm just exaggerating, but they don't know how helpless I feel around worms. It's really hard. :( Sometimes I just want to cry when I see lots of worms.

To be honest, I think my fear is just kinda "mild". If it's only one, then I can still handle it. I'd just move away and that's that. I can even completely ignore it. I'm not totally squeamish. Like, I don't scream or anything. I just... feel ready to vomit. But... when there are lots of them, like after the rain, when they come out of the wet ground, it's absolutely horrifying! :( Like I said, I feel so helpless.

I also have this really mild case of claustrophobia. :) Like, for example, I always take the left wing stairs of our school building even though it's farther from my classroom because I'm scared of the smaller, darker, and narrower staircase of the right wing. And as much as possible, I avoid elevators. The only elevators I'm okay with are the glass ones where I can see the outside. But even there, I feel so constricted. This is also another reason why I can't sleep in small rooms. I guess I just hate the feeling of being constricted.

These two greatest fears of mine are actually connected. Haha, they both make me feel helpless, and I'm... really scared of that.

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