Scared of the Sky, Ouronophobia

by Savannah M.

I never really noticed my "ouronophobia" until I was about fourteen years old. When I did discover my fear I couldn't tell anyone because when I tried I would go into a anxiety attack. The way I discovered my fear is one day I was sitting outside looking at the sky, all of a sudden it scared me! I felt/feel like I am trapped in a bowl. It's not that I am even scared of the sky, I just feel like I am trapped in this bowl! It sounds like non sense, but it really does cause me to have anxiety attacks. When I do tell people about my fear it's really hard to give all the details because I cannot think to hard about it and picture it without going into an anxiety attack. So far I have not gotten any treatment. No one knows of my phobia other than my mom and boyfriend. Soon I will be going to my counselor to attempt to discuss everything! Hopefully then I can pan everything out and figure out WHY I am scared like this!

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