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by: Anonymous

I once was in this house and i could never sleep and i see these SHAPES and SHADOWS gliding and stuff... no i am not making this up... and there's this really cold feeling i get... even when I moved I could still see them... I wonder if they're souls of dead people that are following me... i really HATE it.

by: Levi

That's far from phobia. It might've just been trauma or fear about death whether you learned it scientifically or religiously. I even get shivers just looking at the house where a great-uncle died. It's a natural experience. You may overcome it some time in the future depending on how your mind takes it.

dont worry
by: Kacy carter

you should be happy that your not alone at least

Your Help!
by: Anonymous

You shouldn't worry about your husband or you dieing you have plenty of life to live!

by: shawna d

for me i dont care who died in it i just care how they died and if their spirit is still in my house. living in apartments sucks bcause you never get a history review on them. i have convinced myself that there has been someone who died in my apartment. it has gave me insomnia and i havent slept well since i put it in my head that someone died.its either someone who has died here or has been following me. death does not scare me just the thought of how people die scares me.

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