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Sick of this phobia :(
by: Mim

Well, I thought I wouldn't find any web results or any name for this phobia. It actually soothes me a bit that many people have it. When I was reading other peoples comments, I was feeling sick, especially about the torn seats and old clothes.
I'm 19 and I suffering from this phobia from childhood. My parents thought It's abnormal but didn't care much cuz they thought it'll pass away as I grow up. I also had fear of snakes. I would scream even when I saw a rope, assuming it was a snake. But I have overcome this one, but not the fear of torn stuff. I still feel sick when I see any torn clothes, especially the old, dirty ones. I also feel sick when I see old, dirty, torn cusions. Torn seats also make my skin crawl. I don't adjust by putting something over the torn seat, i just don't seat on it. Somethimes people don't understand why I'm standing when there's a seat available. I can't tell them about my phobia, they'll take me as a psycho. And torn shoes? Oh fuck! Just the thought of it make me wanna puke and wash my feet, cuz it feels like they just touched my feet and I need to wash them. I always take very good care of my sneakers so they don't tear. Same thing goes about torn socks. I mostly fear torn bed sheets and blankets. When I go to a relatives house, if they give me torn anything...blankets, sheets... Maybe the tear is really small, but still I can't sleep the whole night. All night I just shreik of thinking about the tear or hole of the blanket. I try to think of other things, good things but can't. Sometimes I try not to look or check the sheets but I can't. It makes me sad. My parents don't know the gravity of my phobia. I just want to get better, I haven't told my friends cuz they'll think I'm crazy. Please someone help me. It has taken over my life and now I just can't bear the sight of anything torn. Do I need therapy? :'(

Fear of holes in general
by: Anonymous

I have had a irrational uneasiness with holes for as long as I can remember. I can't wear clothes with any holes in them. Even if it is tiny. I remember a few times being at school and finding a hole in my clothes and being uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Holes in socks, pants, shirts, blankets. I am 27 and my husband thinks I am a nutzo. I have even put plastic gloves on and accidentally teared the bottom and had to cut through it so it was open. If there is a hole in paper, I have to cut it so its not closed. Its more of an aversion than a fear. Glad I am not the only one....

by: Noreen

I have this phobia and I don't know where it comes from- it gives me goosebumps and even if I see a rip on a train- I refuse to sit on it.....

I have a friend who has this phobia so I know I'm not mad... and after reading everyone's comments I feel better knowing im not alone... or CRAZY!

everyone thinks I make it up.... I dont :-(

What a Relief!
by: The Girl Who'd Rather Stand

I, like you all, am overjoyed that I am not alone! I'm almost 23, and have been dealing with this phobia since God flipped the light switch. The sight, feel, or thought of torn furniture (particularly leather) disgusts me totally. I begin to feel nauseated, I get chills, my skin crawls, and I start to shake. I'm so uncomfortable talking to people about it because they always think it's a joke. This thing is real, and it deserves a name. I cannot even fathom being treated for this....especially not by exposure therapy!

Bad memories
by: Anonymous

Hi! I'm only 18 and it's really nice to know that this weird fear I have is actually real. My parents have always thought I was being weird but to this day in restaurants I refuse to sit on anything with a tear in the seat. I can't handle torn furniture in general and it used to making going to a friend's house really awkward. My worst memory is one time in middle school we had a substitute bus and it was OLD. I walked up and down the aisle trying to find an intact seat but couldn't. I almost started crying and tried to get off but the driver wouldn't let me. Finally I ended up sitting on top of my book bag trying not to hyperventilate. My parents thought I was over reacting but it was one of the worst experiences of my life so far.

by: Anonymous

I fear sitting on torn leather especialy when it's wet! UGHHH I HATE it so much. My friends make fun of me, but i can't healp it, i've been like this for so long, but i don't know what elicited this fear. Is there a name for it?

Scared of holes
by: Anonymous

I am so happy that I am not the only one. I think my phobia is really intense. If I even think I am sitting on or near a hole in furniture I feel like I am going to have a panic attack. Everytime I go to a hotel I have to check every square inch of the bed and all of the sheets to make sure nothing is torn, ripped, or frazzled. If I do touch a hole in furniture then I start panicking and instantly start crying and shaking, almost like a panic attack. I am absolutely terrified of holes, rips, and tears in furniture, blankets... Almost anything. I don't understand why and it is quite embarrassing when I go to resturaunts. If anyone knows what to do please tell!

it's a real phobia!
by: Anonymous

OMG!! I'm not proud of having this phobia, but I'm glad that I found others just like me, and I'm not crazy. Well...maybe we're crazy a little ;-) I'm 28 years old and I've had this phobia for as long as I can remember. I never shared it with anybody, not even my parents till I was in high school. I remember being a kid and dreading getting hand me down clothes and jackets from other ppl. They would always be torn on the inside and I would wear the jacket out of the house to school so my mom wouldn't say anything, but then take it off at school, and would just deal w/ being cold all day :-( My husband wants me to go thru exposure therapy because I won't go to a restaurant unless I know it's fairly new or recently been remodeled. I think about what I would have to do in exposure therapy, and I would rather live w/ the phobia!!!!! Sad, I know.

old cushions
by: Erika

I'm soooo glad to know that there are actually other people out there that don't want to sit on or touch torn, dirty or otherwise imperfect furniture. Even as a child I remember dreading riding in a car that had torns seats. I would try to make myself really small and sit really still and try not to touch the torn areas with my bare skin. I would even rathe sit on the floor than torn cushions on furniture. Somebody needs to name this phobia!

not fussy
by: Laetitia

Finally I have met people having the same feeling than me. My whole life I've been looked at as if I was fussy or snobish while it just gross me out sitting or sometimes looking at anything torn. I'm 23 yrs old and every person I've met so far has seen it as a form of fusiness. I'm so happy that I'm not fussy and other people seem to be living the same thing. Do you have any ideas about how to outcome this difficulty?

by: Anonymous

Ive had this problem all my life. My husband thinks its strange, and Im now 31yrs old. I cant even explain why I feel this way about torn cushions. Just the site of it grosses me out. I accidentally stuck my finger in 1 today, and I keep having flashbacks of how it felt even though it continues to disturb me. Its like an obsession about a damn weird!

You're not alone
by: Ashley

Finally I've met someone else other than my twin sister that share the same phobia! I can't sit on anything torn, burn, chipped or imperfect. I have the same reaction with the skin crawling and panic feeling. I had tried to research this but found nothing. I don't now how to handle this. It's so weird.

The tears make me sad D:
by: Chevy

I cant believe I googled this and got a result! Alas I am not alone. I can't bear it and I can't understand how ANYONE sits on torn furniture. I have to put a cushion, cloth or bag to cover it if for some reason I HAVE to sit on it. The whole time I'll be trying to make myself feel as light as possible so that I don't feel like I'm pressing into the tear. My flesh feels like it's crawling even as I type this. It's so ridiculous and embarrassing sometimes because I don't want people to know why I'm sitting on the edge of a seat, or covering it, or simply not sitting when everyone else is seated. This is usually the case on public transport. Same goes for if there are stains, or cigarette burns on the seat...but that's a whole other fear altogether!! >.<

Torn Seats Phobia
by: Anonymous

You are not alone. Me and my daughter have the same phobia. We can sit on any torn seats period. But it's good to know we are not the only ones.

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