Scared of pictures images of deep sea


I'm scared of pictures images of deep sea or deep water.
But only when they are taken from above not in the sea.
Especially ones that show really dark blue and has dark spots that indicate i don't know, just probably holes, craters, or deeper places in the sea.
Like I hate google map when I accidentally move to the sea parts it freaks me out. It just is totally creepy.
I don't even want to look at it long enough to change my location, I just close the window.
Oh, and in real life, I fear really deep water or dark water where i can't see the bottom for sure.
I just hate dark things in water.
I didn't like the swimming pool tiles that were black.
I don't like drain holes, only when the thing is filled with water.
So I hate going too deep into the water. Or I try not the look at the floor when I'm in water.
It's not even water itself. It's the bottom of the water I fear.

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