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by: Anonymous

I am Aquaphobic and seeing deep water frightens me! Ever since I was little I have been terrified of water. In swimming lessons I refused to get in the pool! I scream and hyperventilate when someone tries to submerse my head underwater! Bad huh? I know ho you feel! So don't feel alone!

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear. I dont know what is it called, but when i am on holiday i cant even paddle in the water, it panics me. When i look at the sea a shiver goes down my spine, and the one time i made myself snorkle in the sea, i froze and couldnt move. When i fly in an airplane and we go over the sea i panic and worry that the plane will break and we will plummit in to the deep sea.
I love swimming, i can swim in a pool for hours, but no way would i ever swim in the sea, i think its the thought of the unknown, and the thought of what might be lurking around.

me too
by: Anonymous

I have this exact fear too. I'm also terrified of all sea creatures. I don't know what its called.

fear of black lines in pools
by: yo

have you come across this other posting?

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