Scared of People Sining Happy Birthday to me

by Isabella
(United States)

I have bean scared of when people sing happy birthday to me since I was one. My mom told me that when I was a year old I was in my high chair and she had put a piece of cake in front of me and everyone started singing I and started balling and then when they stopped I stopped crying. Since I have bean so afraid of people singing to me I have never had a birthday party and never gone to a birthday party. One time I was on a trip with my youth group and it was my birthday. Then they started singing to me and I started to run away, they grabbed me and started singing again and I started to cry they didn't put me down then I ran back to the car and got into the back seat. they kept bugging me all day. I finally told my best friend why I started crying and I told her I am scared of when people sing to me, but I don't know why. Since then I am even more afraid to hear that song. it makes me hyperventilate, start crying and get nervous and have anxiety

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