Scared of people dressed up in costumes

by Issy

I am really scared of people dressed up in costumes and I think it is because when I was little and I was at nursery someone came in dressed as the GRUFFALO and it freaked me out and I really want to overcome my fear of them.

And I was in ronford the other day and Mickey mouse was there but I can tell you this if you are scared of dressed up people like I am listen up now to see what I did in ronford and maybe you could try it to? So here we go so you know I saw mickeymouse in ronford and I was terrified but I didn't cry because I said to myself it is only someone inside a big sute and I kept on saying it to myself and took deep breaths when I walked past him and when I did that I looked the other way and i was really proud of myself for not crying.

So if you were wondering I was still really terrified but I was terrified inside.

Try what I did and it just might help you?

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