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Terrified of them
by: Anonymous

Im scared of ladybugs because my dad always worked as a tree feller and there was always some wood in the car, One day he had cut down a huge tree and it was full of ladybugs and of course some of the wood ended up in the car and they were everywhere It was an army so ever sinc then I am terrified of them

They freak me out
by: Anonymous

everyone makes fun of me when I tell them I'm scared of ladybugs. I really honestly cannot stand them. I hate how they fly and you don't know where they are landing and the sound of the buzz and how the sound they make when they land on you. I hate them...... no one understands. When they land on me I freak out and panic and start to cry really really bad and scream for help. Its crazy really but I cant help it :(

by: Anonymous

I'm so terrified of lady bugs, even if I were to see a picture I just get this gross feeling of shock and jump. My friends think I'm crazy because I think of them as viscous disgusting creatures but now I know that I'm not the only one. I'm not exactly sure when this fear had started but all I know is that now whenever I see a ladybug I scream and immediately run away. but because my friends know about this fear they seem to always take advantage of it. It's hard for me because they are always surprising me with random terrifying pictures of ladybugs in group chats and recently, pictures from Google.
there just so gross and I hate how they decided to land wherever they please, and it's disgusting how they just leave this small yellow puddle on your hand. I despise ladybugs in so many ways.

Lady bugs watching me
by: Anonymous

I was okay with lady bugs before but, now they just freak me out.when I'm in the bathroom the fall from the sky light at me and then fly back up. I can almost hear their mocking laughter,...

ladybugs scare me....
by: Anonymous

I am terrified of ladybugs im sure i like them wen i wuz little but i really dont know wen i started to not like them... but one day in fifth grade i wuz standing in front of a tree and a ladybug flew onto the leave do i started to bck up and then it flew over to me and landed on me and i started to freak out and i couldnt get it off so i ran to my friend and almost cryed trying to tell her to get it off....

by: marshmallow

I'm so scared of ladybugs! I used to play with them all the time when I was in kindergarten, but nowadays I think they're so gross! AH. I live in the midwest and they have armies of ladybugs in the fall time and they come into you house and block the doorways, and once they're in your house, they're EVERYWHERE, and go places where you can't see. They're just so big, and round and hard, and those two white spots behind their head just loook like flashing eyes watching you! My fear is really time in fourth grade I looked over and there was a ladybug and I screamed and cried, everyone was like "its just a lady bug....." yeah I know its silly to be scared of one, since it can't hurt you and all. but sheesh, i think they're freaky little critters...

by: Anonymous

omg im sooo terrified of them my friends tease me one day they thaught it would be funny to throw one on me and i got so scared i started shaking and i was crying really bad

I hate ladybugs too
by: Anonymous

I used to think that ladybugs were super cute until I came to college and they were infested in my room! Now I am honestly terrified of them. I actually had a nightmare about a giant ladybug. They are just so gross!

nobody understands!

i don't know why people don't understand.... they dont get how im afraid of ladybugs either... its so annoying that when i see one, i freak out!

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