Scared of Lady Bugs...

by Lexis
(United States, Iowa)

I hate lady bugs, and I always have. I am terrified of them and i want to burst out crying when I seem them. They freak me out so much. Everyone always asks why I hate them so much, or more so I am so scared of them and the answer really is, I don't know why. They just scare me so much, that it makes me want to cry.

I hate having this fear because it seems like the more I hate them the more they want to come in my room and touch me. I have gotten to the point where if they are in my room, I drowned them in gel or lotion. I lock them all in a little see through box so I can tell if they are dead or not, I have done this to over ten lady bugs in the past three months.

Usually I am nice to bugs and don't want to hurt them because they have little buggy families and need to take care of their bug children but with the Lady Bugs I don't care.

One of my friends nickname is Lady Bug. But I will never call her that or let anyone call her that around me because it makes me want to cry and scream.

In Spanish I sit next to a boy who loves to tease me about, because they are all over by where we sit, so every time there is a Lady Bug he picks them up, need I say THEY ARE ALIVE and tries to get one of them to touch me, one time I burst out screaming and class because it got really close to me.

My brother does the same thing the boy in my class does, he won't even kill them for me. So I have to have my Step-Dad get them for me. To make matters worst, when they are in my room, they go by my light or my lamp. I have a loft bed so when I get up into my bed they are just sitting there, waiting for me. Mocking me. Waiting until I am up there to scare me and make me scream.

My fear has come to the point where I can't even think about them without wanting to scream, if you have this fear, I am with you. I will not make fun of you ore even try to let that evil Lady Bug touch you.


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