Scared of insects

by Lita
(Vienna, WV)

I have been scared of insects ever since I was little. I cant enjoy summers because of all the bee's. If a bug comes near me I go into what my husband calls a fit I call it a panic attack.

On one occasion in our new house I was in the utility room and I noticed we were getting camel cricits and I wouldn't go in there for days laundry piled up until my husband go rid of them all.

Well one day after supposedly got rid of them I went to do the laundry and I closed the door behind me and there was one still left that he didn't get and it started hopping toward me and I couldn't get out the door it was like I was scrambling to get the door open but it wouldn't budge I was screaming at the top of my lungs it kept getting closer and just before I passed out my husband came in and killed it but I still hit the floor he revived me and asked me what was wrong, he said I was swatting, fighting as if it was on me I hurried up and got on my feet and ran out the door.

I am terrified of any bug including worms, and I know frogs are not an insect but cant stand them either snakes ect.

If the world didn't have bugs I would be alot happier.

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