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I agree
by: jaleesa

I agree with you, they're so creepy looking and feel creepy we one get on you. I'm getting chills just typing this.

I had the same strong phobia as you do
by: Anonymous

I hated how I couldn't enjoy summers either!! I know of all of the hysteria and panic that bugs can cause one. I've been there, I've felt it, I can totally relate to your story!! I had a particularly difficult time with anything that could bite or prick, and it was all overwhelming. I remember having this phobia since I was a child all through my teens and into my adulthood. Eventually things got so difficult that I had to do something. I started searching for anything that might help me and in the beginning the process was horrible because I couldn't even imagine having to look at a small picture of a bug on a photo, not even an anatomically correctly drawn picture without colors. And I was so afraid that by trying to get rid of the phobia I'd have to look at bugs. It took me a long time to get started. There always seemed to be some bug program on tv. And we had bugs indoors... and I found myself trapped in a moving train with a wasp in the same car with me. That was awful. I realized that my life was being ruined by the intensity of the fear and I figured I'd have to do something about it. So eventually... I tried a lot of different techniques, and to my utter surprise the fear started to lift a little by little. You wouldn't believe how afraid of especially wasps I used to be... last summer I noticed they didn't frighten me anymore, because one landed on me and I just gently shooed it away and I felt friendly feelings towards it. Some of the things I did that helped me were:
- I started to tell myself it was possible to get over it, so long as I could find a good method
- I promised myself I wouldn't force myself to do anything I couldn't do
- I started to find cute pictures of bugs (drawn non-anatomically correct ones, the kind with just cute things and cute colors used, mind you, I found some ugly ones in the search and those always took me back a bit)
- I used NLP and EFT (emotional freedom technique) type systems with some of the symptoms

At this point I am only writing this to you because I stumbled upon your description when looking at these pages, and I wanted to tell you that I am cured of a phobia that I thought I could never lift... and I wanted to share that with you, so you would know that it is possible to lift it.

Everyone's got their own story to share, a story of success, and I _KNOW_ yours will be one as well. One day you'll write to someone and you'll share the feelings you used to have and you'll know how perfectly you relate to their situation, but you'll have overcome your phobia.

All my love to you!!

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