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Me too!!!
by: Anonymous

I also can't stand pet hair. I'm a man of 60 and 'this only really started about 30years ago. If I get even 1 dog hair on my clothes I have to take it off with tissue paper, then change my clothes and was them and really scrub my hands. On more than 1 occasion Iwhen a dog has gone up against me I have got home, stripped in back yard and dumped the clothes. If I have dog hairs on me but can't get rid of them immediately it almost feels as if they are burning into me and it takes over my thoughts until I can get rid. It's a serious problem. Thought it was just me

i am scare of dog hair
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem, my gf loves dogs.i hate and get sick when i see dog hair all over the house. idk what i should do?

Fear of dog hair
by: margaret

i have the same phobia....the thought of one living in the house makes me physically ill to the point that it interferes with my daily life ! i have a wonderful man but his wanting to bring the dog inside has made me seriously consider the fact that i will be unable to continue in this relationship because of this phobia ....very stressed

story of my life....
by: CBunny

THIS IS TOTALLY ME . like one time my girl got hair on my waffle and i threw it ..
like i had a heart palputation, i started to have a nervous breakdown and i almost started to cry infront of my girls , but i know they'd make fun of me and think i was a total weirdo if i ever broke out in tears infront of them over HAIR.
i know this is strange of me but i just can't help it, WE ARE TRICOPHOBICS.

hair (detached)
by: Linda

I am also phobic about hair,finding a hair laying
on a seat or counter top or desk at work grosses me out and even makes me gag if food is nearby or I am eating.

I am even more phobic about pet hair,this phobia
interferes with my life in such a big way. I have a difficult time going to peoples homes that have a pet.

I recently met a wonderful man that treats me very well,and makes me very happy,except he has two large dogs and gobbs of dog hair in his home,in his vehicle,and I feel like I'm freaking out when I get showered and wearing clean clothes and get in his car to go out and pet hair is flying around on dash, car door and on my seat.

I started to think that I can't see him anymore due to this problem.

Family members that have pets,I avoid visiting them. I threw a wool jacket in the trash once because I helped my daughter move while wearing it and her dogs hair was all over it. Help!!!

join the club
by: Anonymous

i have exactly the same problem, except my friends are not against me theyve joined me! were all teriffied of it, i gag or get sick when i see it on tables and food.

i try to close my eyes and move it, or pretend its just string

but to be honest it doesnt hardly ever work

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