Scared of getting schizophrenia?

by karina elissa diaz

Well, it's kinda a long story, so bare w/ me. ever since i was 10, i started to worry like crazy about health issues. now im 14 and started doing research on the computer and found a bunch of crazy crap about having schizophrenia. i didn't know what the word meant so i kept doing research about it, until the point where i think i have it and i freak out! i mean, i dont see thing or hear things but i just cant stop thinking about it. any health issue that i hear about, i think in my head "Oh my gosh!!! what if i have that or get that!" and i can just never relax or be happy. my parents tell me the only health issue i have is anxiety and i really hope they're right. Also i have a really bad fear of elevators. i used 2 love going on them but when i was about 12, they started making me feel dizzy. and i just am completely terrified of them, but what always makes me work up the courage 2 go on the when i need 2 is justin bieber's song, "Never Say Never"!!!! lol:) wish u guys the best!

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