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by: Anonymous

I am so happy that I'm not the only one! I have been scared of flushing since I was little. I once saw the episode of courage the cowardly dog where he flushes the toilet and when he does that, a monster came out of it. right now it has been 5 and a half years and I still can't flush the toilet without running away.

Pretty much!
by: Anonymous

I've always hated the sound of flushing toilets because it's just so damn loud! I always cover my ears, I don't understand how other people don't mind...

Is someone thier!?
by: Anonymous

OMG i am so scared of flushing the toilet because everytime i do it, it feels like someone or something is going to come out and HAUNT ME!!!!!
Im so scared, i even dont flush at school!!!! Im so desperate of help! any one have ideas? My younger sister is scared of it to! and she is only 5! Im
11! does anyone know how to stop this! but i seem to not be scared when someone else is in the bathroom for some reason! i think its because i have autophobia (the fear of being alone)

I thought I was the only one
by: Anonymous

I hate flushing toilets I think it will spray water and flood my house . I can't flush a toilet with the door closed it is to loud and scares me to death people think I am weard when I ask them to do it for me

You Are Not Alone
by: Flamepool

I don't know what it is, but when I flush a toilet at night I always have a feeling something or someone is going to reach out of the shower curtain and grab me. I always run away. What is this phobia called?

by: Anonymous

So I get scared because I feel like a monster will like hear it and run to the bathroom so glad I'm
not alone!

by: Anonymous

Most of the time i will never go to the toilet outside my house because i hate urinals flushing and toilets with a lot of water in. Also the gurgle from taps scares me.

I'm so glad im not the only scared of it.
by: Icey

I'm so terrified of it,that anytime i finish do(number 1 or 2)i end up running out,or calling my sister to watch me flush it.Is it weird that im in my teen and still afraid to flush the tiolet,i really dont wanna be scared of it,i know it can't do you anything but it flushes and looks scary.And i had this tiolet once that anytime you finish do numer 2,IT FULL UP AND STAYS SO,until someone unplug s it.

scared of toilets
by: Anonymous

i've been afraid of toilets ever since I can remember. Don't know why. I very often have dreams of being in a public bathroom trying to find a toilet that isn't spraying water or overflowing. A lot of times i just leave the bathroom trying to find a good toilet. Sometimes I'll run out of the bathroom door only to find out I'm running right back into a stall. I'm 60 years old and none of it has changed.

Toilet flushing
by: Anonymous

Wow, I never knew there were so many other people who were scared of flushing toilets too! When I go to the toilet, I sometimes leave the door open at an angle so that I can get out really quickly. then I'd zoom out of the bathroom as fast as I can, jump on the bed and curl myself into a tight ball. I don't know why I do it, I just can't really control or help it and sometimes I get worried or anxious about it. when i hear the sound, any other thoughts all immediately disappear. All I can think of is "Run" and "Get out of the bathroom". My parents think that I have some sort of bad habit or something and are always angry at me when I do it. once dad tried to hold me down and I went completely crazy with fear.

Always though I was the only one.
by: Anonymous

I think everyone with a phobia thinks they are the only one. It is nice to know none of us are alone that suffer with this particular phobia. As a young child, sometimes I just wouldn't flush. As I got older I would flush and run. I find it almost impossible to use any public restroom. For whatever reason, the middle of the night seems worse. Of course I have other related phobias: loud noises in general, and the dark of the night.

by: .com

i cant flush the toilet EVER i am so scared that something might happen when i flush it like a lever or if it releases something bad or if the toilet clogs and all the shiz gets on me and stuff. I NEVER FLUUSH THE TOILET

im not alone
by: Anonymous

I thought i was alone. Ever since i was a kid i was terrified of public toilets. They were so loud and the rushing water..completely unnecessary

Finally I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

I have a general fear of toilets, however it's public toilets that bother me the most. I have only ever experienced 1 or 2 house toilets, but 95% of public toilets give me the creeps.
It all started when I was about 4/5 and was on holiday at Disneyland (Paris). Some of the toilets were automatic, and being a fidgety person, I couldn't sit still and this meant that the toilet would flush on me before I had finished. Ever since then, it seems to have spiralled out of control.
Luckily in England, we don't have many automatic toilets, because if we did it would seriously impact my daily life. At the moment I can just about deal with normal toilets, but I do try to avoid them as much as I can.
I find that if I use the same toilet regularly (I.e. School) I become less adverse to using them, but the same concept still applies, only use in desperation.
Automatic toilets are the WORST, to where the thought of them is enough to set me off in hysteria. 2 years ago I returned to Disneyland and went to use the toilets, but once I saw the little automatic sensor I wouldn't go into the cubicle... But my mum forced me to use it. I couldn't and stood in the cubicle for 5 minutes crying.
I also don't like toilets on things like planes, trains, coaches etc.... I recently had to use a ferry toilet and whilst I managed to use it, I was on the verge of tears.
Toilets that you wave at to flush also panic me because I'm scared I will activate it. I spend my time on them, leant over as far away from the sensor as possible!!!
I find certain things make using the toilet harder to use, and others comforting.
Things that I dislike are:
Black toilet seats
Small cubicles
Stiff locks (I panic that I can't get out)
Loud Flushes
Dirty toilets
When the toilet bowl fills up when it flushes
Toilets that have the tank high up on the wall
When someone flushes the toilet next to me (I panic that its my toilet)

And other things that make it easier:
If they are cubicles, having someone outside the door
If it is a big room, possibly (this sounds really childish) but having someone stand in the room with me, or again outside the door.

When I'm done and have to flush the toilet, I first open the door and then flush, meaning I can run out as fast I can.

I really hope one day I can get over this fear as people make fun of me because of it.

P.s. I have heard a fear of public toilets is called 'Lutropublicaphobia'

by: Anonymous

Man am I glad I found this site. I get so scared after I flush that I have to sprint away. I constantly get the feeling whilst sitting on the loo that I am being watched and that when I flush something/ someone is going to come out of the toilet and get me. Sometimes, I get similar feelings in showers/ baths also. I remember when I was younger I would climb into the sink to pee, just so I did not have to face the toilet. Feel like a freak.

by: Anonymous

i get scared because of the rising water

Afraid of toilets
by: Liv_150

I am scared of automatic toilets they scare me, I'm glad I'm not alone I thought something was wrong with me but I see I have phobia. I also don't like the sounds if the toilets it creeps me out. I had phobia since 4 years old and I'm still scared of it.

I feel so embarrassed
by: Ummmmm

I don't know why, but since a few months ago, I have been scared of flushing the toilet at night. I don't know if it's the sound, the look, or the overall thing, but it creeps me out to the point of running into my parents room and sleeping with them at night to 'protect' me. I am thirteen, and I haven't told anyone because I feel like such a baby, and everyone will tell me to just get over it. Unlike most people, mine is only at night, I'm fine in the morning. But instead of it being at public washrooms, it's at my home washrooms. Well, washroom, because for some reason, it's only the bathroom on my floor that gives me the creepes. The main floor one I'm okay with. I have no clue why. It's gotten so bad, that since I have a dog, I close the toilet lid, and leave it until the morning. I don't know what to do! Is there any way to make it easier?

I feel so embarrassed
by: Ummmmm

I don't know why, but since a few months ago, I have been scared of flushing the toilet at night. I don't know if it's the sound, the look, or the overall thing, but it creeps me out to the point of running into my parents room and sleeping with them at night to 'protect' me. I am thirteen, and I haven't told anyone because I feel like such a baby, and everyone will tell me to just get over it. Unlike most people, mine is only at night, I'm fine in the morning. But instead of it being at public washrooms, it's at my home washrooms. Well, washroom, because for some reason, it's only the bathroom on my floor that gives me the creepes. The main floor one I'm okay with. I have no clue why. It's gotten so bad, that since I have a dog, I close the toilet lid, and leave it until the morning. I don't know what to do! Is there any way to make it easier?

i thought i was the only one
by: Anonymous

whenever i go to the bathroom and then flush i plug my ears because i dont like the sound of it.

What do I do?
by: Concerned mom

I think my 4-year-old daughter has developed this fear/phobia, which seems to fall under ligyrophobia (fear of loud noises). The first event that I remember was about 2 years ago when we used a public restroom. The noise level of the toilets flushing even scared me that day, and now she is compelled to plug her ears every time she is in a restroom besides our home. I've tried coaxing her that no one else is in the bathroom (especially when there is only 1 toilet, no stalls). I remember once even asking a couple of people to wait outside because she was having a particularly traumatic time with it. Reading the other comments, it seems like this is going to get worse with what do I do??! She's too young for counseling, and any reassurance I try to give her doesn't seem to help.

Scared of flushing toilets
by: Anonymous

I thought i was the only one! I havent told my mum she'll call me a weirdo, but i'm really scared of the noise of the toilet flush, its so loud, and its scary, its like, too loud:/ it creeps me out, feel like someones cominh for me when i flush it, is that normal

The loud noise
by: Sam T.

I am 16 (female)and I still flush the toilet. Whenever I am by myself in a bathroom and I flush the toilet I close my eyes really tight and cover my ears so I can't hear anything. I have no idea why, my mom thinks i'm insane (i can understand why, it's pretty weird.) But, I am so glad I am not the only one that has to deal with this. From what I have read a lot of people understand what I am going through. The other noise I can not deal with is starting the shower. When I was little I made my mom or dad start the shower for me. I could not deal with that loud noise. Now I start my own showers because if I didn't that would be a little weird. I have almost gotten over that problem, but there will always be something in the back of my head that tells me to *again* close my eyes and cover my ears.

Same problem, but not phobic
by: Margaux

I ran from the toilet at a young age. That developed into plugging my ears, which is so automatic now I do it without noticing.

I get very agitated and disturbed by noise. Not "sound," not "lovely music," even if it's loud. This comes into play all the time, markedly in in long-standing instances like snoring, vacuums, construction, dishes, etc. In small, echoey rooms, peoples' voices and certain frequencies bother me. The more sleep I get, the more level my blood sugar, and I'm sure the more B vitamins and Magnesium I have make a difference.

I am naturally sensitive to stimuli and it's not linked to any condition, I was born this way. Not autostic or on the spectrum, which is the only given inborn cause.

I know is, I clap my ears to my head in half a second if a screaming fire alarm goes off. Sudden noises make the inside of my ears jump before I even cognitively hear the noise. My whole body's nerves jump usually.

And when I get too overwhelmed sometimes, I sit still with my hands covering my eyes and ears tight, and I stop breathing. It only takes a minute or two of going "inside," of silence, to regain my composure.

Being a musician, it gets awkward. When I have to cover y ears or put in earplugs during performance or practice, people think I hate the music. But it's just protecting my body from he onslaught of it mid-bass rumble, or mid-treble with harsh tinny overtones.

I also can't concentrate on work in art studios or classroom with buzzing flourescent lights. I hate eating in spaces covered in them; instead of relaxing, I get distracted. It took me forever to find out why I could not focus in the painting studio at my college. After many nights of discombobulation, I hit the ceiling lights off leaving only the low-lit halogen bulbs. And suddenly I could concentrate. It's subtle, but it's there.

So toilet flushing is not an auditory phobia in my case. It's just one of many sounds for which I lack a buffer.

Scared of loud toilets
by: Anonymous

My toilet makes this weird sound and vibrates I'm too scared to flush it and now I feel like a noob because I always run out after I flush. Great to know I not the only one but I not very happy about it...

me too
by: Caitlyn

I'm soo scared of the noise especially at night even when I try to walk normally it just feels like someone is pushing me so I run :/

I Feel the Same!
by: Anonymous

I'm 18 and I've always had this strange fear of flushing the toilet. My parents would get so mad that I was never flushing, but I could never explain to them why I was afraid. It's not the actual loud noise itself, or even the toilet. Just for some reason, when I'm alone and I flush the toilet, I automatically think of monsters or demons or anything scary coming out of the mirror or the shower and it makes me want to run out of the bathroom. Is there anyone else feeling like this?

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh. everytime I flush a toilet i'm afraid to turn away from it! public toilets are soo loud and it freaks me out. I get away as fast as I can!

Me too!
by: Anonymous

Whenever I flush a toilet I have to plug my ears with my hands.. I either run out of the bathroom when I flush it.. Or I have to watch it...its like a monster I can't turn my back too...

Is it anxiety?
by: Anonymous

My parents think I may have anxiety but I only recently told them about this. I am terrified of flushing the toilet. The sound is not the problem I just run into the next room. I don't know why but it is so scary. When I was younger I though a ghost was going to come out of the vent when I did so. Is this anxiety?

Auto flush
by: Deb

Hi everyone out there I understand your fears all of them !! For a hell of a lot of years I was scared of flushing toilets . And public toilets dirty scared dark stinking no paper filthy hell holes . Very rare do I find one that's clean with good lighting.but the automatic flushes freak me right out because most of the ones I've used flush when you sit down . BEFORE you do anything!!! Most of my phobias have been dealt with. I sucked it up and got on with it. Or I'd be crippled for life!! But I still get a little scared now and then. My advice do what you need to quickly and go.

Scary noises
by: Anonymous

I can't flush the toilet, ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT! I don't know why, but, have you ever had that feeling, where you're going up the stairs, and you feel like a monster is going to appear, and you DASH up the stairs/ away from that monster, that's what I feel when I hear a flushing toilet.

Flushing toilet
by: Anonymous

I am so scared of flushing the toilet da it might leak and I will slip on da shit

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I'm terrified of the sound of flushing toilets. ESPECIALLY at night, at first I thought it was a phase but I've been scared for years! When I flush I try walk away slowly but end up sprinting!

toilets are horrible!
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I'm not the only one! I have been afraid of automatic toilets ever since I was 2. I also do not like public toilets. They all scare me. If I have to use an automatic one I cry. As soon as I flush, I go out as soon as possible. Sometimes if nobody is in the other stall, I open the door so I can get out sooner! The flushing sound and the rushing of the water scare me. I know this is not realistic, but I am often afraid the automatic ones will suck me down (I know this is not possible but for some reason it scares me) so glad I'm not the only one who fears toilets! Instead of this phobia getting better, it is getting worse!

by: Anonymous

unreal. Totally thought i was a weirdo.

I think maybe im more scared that I'm putting my exposed crotch on this toilet and that something could be in there, it freaks me out. I cant do it in the dark at all it's so terrifying, I'll quite happily pee in a bush if I can.
then next, the flushing. It gives me the chills so bad, and i run, my breath catches in my throat and im so terrified, I dont even bother washing i just want to get the hell out of there. Again like some of you, not all of the toilets do it to me.
So odd... and here all these years I thought I was the only dork running away from the damned toilet =(

by: Marduk

I DON'T like to use the ones anywhere BUT home! I don't use the bathroom in the back of my house! I only go in there JUST TO SHOWER! Wall-hung toilets freak me out too! I'm going into 7th grade this year and they're expecting me to use a bathroom with STALLS!? HECK no! I hate loud, echoing toilets! ARRRRGGGHHH!

i thought i was the only one!
by: jurassic park

i became scared of toilets when i saw that scene in jurassic park when the dinosaur eats the man when i was 5. since then loud flushing toilets (or even soft flushing ones when im real anxious) send me running out of the bathroom! when its automatic and loudly flushes too quickly i usually flail around the stall trying to get out as quickly as i can, and of course i cant figure out how to get out of the stall then. Thank god other people also have these problems!

flushing toilets
by: Anonymous

I get so scared everytime I go to the bathroom when I done I wash my hands flush and run as fast as I can to be bed

by: Anonymous

I have this problem too, and especially auto toilets. The only phobia name I can find that nearly describes this fear is Ligyrophobia, a fear of loud noises. Like some of you have said, I don't fear all toilets, in fact I have no problem with my home toilet and regular pubic toilets that aren't super loud, but then there's loud toilets and loud toilets that flush on their own is even worse. Don't know how to cure this, wish I did, it makes working 8 hour shifts at a place with automatic toilets very difficult.

the soundd
by: Anonymous

i am afraid of the sound and the part of being in a small space which is usually locked with this loud white thing. its also the walk away from the toilet while its flushing i phyke myself out and start walking faster and get more skared. nobody in my life knows this.

I'm glad i'm not alone D:
by: scared like CRAZY

Well,I have a very loud toilet so I always wash my hands first, plug my ears, flush with my feet and RUN. I hate doing that and I want to be able to flush without being scared. HELP D:

im hate flushing the toilet
by: scared girl

i thought i was the only one. i hate the loud sound of it. i wash my hands then get ready to flush and freaking run. my mom thinks im really weird cause of it.

High level, low levels
by: Anonymous

When I mean by high level toilets I mean the ones with the toilet tank close to the ceiling. Low level ones are closer to the toilet, and close coupled toilets are the standard ones in North America in homes. High level ones are the ones I'm scared of.

Scared of High level toilets with chain pullies
by: Anonymous

I am actually afraid of high level toilets with chain/string pullies. Low-level, closed-coupled, and push toilets are the only toilets I am okay with, but high level toilets???? I don't know why and I have never been to countries (yet), such as England, Hungary and Italy, where they mostly have high level toilets with chain pullies. I used to be afraid of toilets as a little girl in general, because they were so loud!!! But now, I have to deal with high levels when I go to Europe!

me tooo!!
by: Scared Child

oh my gosh!!! i thought there was something wrong with me but i guess im not alone! i am terrified of the sound of a flushing toilet! when im done my business i wash my hands, open the door, flush and run the hell away! ive had this 'phobia' since i was a little girl...have no idea what triggered it! just wish i knew what this phobia is called!!!!????

by: Amber

IK ! Is there a name for this phobia ? It scares me so bad. It's not the splashing, the noise. It's just the idea. Idek. It just scares me. I would LOVE to know if there's a name for this !

by: Anonymous

you and me both i just feel retarted cause i felt i was the only one with that phobia...but im really happy im not but not happy i have it

Re: Scared of slushing toilets
by: Megan

I thought i was the only one but i guess not..i have been afraid to flush the toilets since i was little i flush and plug my ears and close my eyes. And hurry up and get out.

Loud toilets with lots of splashing
by: Anonymous

I'm not afraid of toilets flushing in general, but I am afraid of loud toilets with lots of splashing water. I was a professional cheerleader and the toilets in our lockerroom creeped me out! I don't know if it was the sound or the the idea that I could get splashed with toilet water that bothered me the most! But anyway, everyone made fun of me because I would open the door, stand halfway out of the stall, flush with my foot and then run away!

me too
by: Anonymous

but i am just scared that i wake up my dad while flushing the toilet i also run away so when he gets up i act like nothing happend

Oh, My gosh. Me too!
by: Morgan

I do the same thing! I feel like everytime I flush a toilet, it's too loud and I feel like I can't hear everything around me, so i run to! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I wish there was a way to fix this. D:

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