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So Glad I'm Not The Only One
by: Debbie

My mother said when I was approx 8 months old, I began showing signs of a fear of fire. When I was two, we moved within a couple of blocks of a bulk oil refinery -- well, guess what? We had to move I was so terrified. Our next house was in a lovely neighborhood and my "fire fear" abated somewhat until one night the house directly across the street from us blew up due to a gas leak -- and, it started all over. My brother said not to worry, that I was a witch burned at the stake in a former life. Who knows!

by: Anonymous

i think that this is dumb. why would u be scared of fire? if you dont do anything to the fire, the fire wont hurt you.

by: abbie

i have the exact same fear. i get all hot inside and could break down easily. I can't watch the CARLTON or whatever advert that is on in cineworld. it's awful. do you have msn? i'm fourteen and live in whiston. I'd love to talk about how far you have come, i need someone to talk to... xx

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