Scared of everything :(

by Cat

Well, i am Cat and i am 16, i have loads of phobias so i'll talk you throught them one at a time:
- fear of being alone (quite common but i talked about this n another story)
- fear of spiders (very common)
- fear of the dark (also quite common)
- fear of nightmares
- fear of mirrors ( especially in the dark)
- fear of small spaces (common but very bad)
- fear of crowds (and beng alone... i cant win!)
- fear of things being unordered
and some other stuff :o

well i am terrified of being alone and most of my other phobias stem or lead/link to that.
i am scared of spiders... no, i am terrified of spiders. I have no idea why, but when i see one i freak out i cry, scream or freeze, even if someone kills it i wont go in that room for ages. i have panick attacks just looking at them but if one touches me just freak out.
Another stupid phobia is that i am scared of the dark, once again i dont know why but cant stand not being able to see, i have to sleep with a light on or someone next to me. If there is a power cut or somethng like that , freze and close my eyes, if i am in bed i try to hide under my covers.
I also have a fear of nghtmares and get scared really easy, once i have had a nightmare i never forget it. things almost become real in my mind and i am scared of having nghtmares because of this, this makes it really difficult to sleep, i have had medication for this but it was rarely successful. simelarly i am scared of stories that my friends tell me, anything the tinyest bit scary sticks in my mind. i cant watch scary movies or play scary games, even things that are not scary to everyone else make me scared. i never ever forget these things though, they stay n my mind. :(
probably because of my nightmares i am scared of mirrors because of a story my friend told me, i cant walk past one on my own, and i have to put a blanket over it when i go to sleep because i cant look at it at night. I cant do my hair alone and its just a stupid thing that controls my life!
I know that i am really claustrophobic as well. if i have to go into a small space i panick and i sometimes even feel dizzy and faint and on a few occasions i have fainted. I often feel trapped with no possible escape and i just freak out. i know its common but i hate it.
despite my monophobia i am also scared of large crowds such as concerts parties and shopping centres, i feel i cant move and i cant breathe. once i was on a camp with my explorer unit and fainted at the disco :( but i would rather sit with a few people then be on my own.
Althought i have many more phobias and fears my last major one is things being unordered, it mght not be an actual phobia but i cant stand thngs not being n order, especially colours, i will do anything to put them right and its just nconvenient but i get adgitated if it isnt right... any ideas?

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