Scared of dolls

by Annabelle

I'm 14 years old, and my fear of dolls JUST started this year too. It was near Halloween, and I decided to look up my name, which is Annabelle. And this came up "Annabelle the Doll." That line drew me in, so I clicked on it. Pictures of a ragetty Anne doll in a box that says " Positively do not open." I knew this was a hoax, dolls can't come alive and I know this for a fact. I still believe it.
Anyways, I read the story of Annabelle the doll. (If you're curious then look it up and find the story yourself. I refuse to look it up and give you a link)
BACK TO THE TOPIC. Anyways, after I read about Annabelle the doll I then looked up Robert the doll. A voodoo doll. (Again, if you want to know more about it look it up yourself. I still refuse.) Anyways, this stuff was creepy but didn't scare me.
Then the night came, I have 8 dolls, 2 my great grandmother made, 1 I got for Christmas a few years back, and the rest are glass collectible dolls. (2 of which are clowns) Anyways, one of the dolls that my grandmother made, was a barbie doll, really she just made the dress. Which was big, this isn't really the kind of doll you can play with. It sits on my dresser, right across from me on the bed. The dress is amazing, the barbie doll to me now that I've examined it is creepy. With blue eye shadow and brown eyes it gives me the creeps. And one of the clown dolls are no better.
Anyways, I'm not scared during the day. Right? I've made that very clear that I don't believe in that kind of stuff. I think most of it was a hoax, AND it was almost Halloween when I read both of those stories, they were also all written in 2013. So hahaha, hoax right? Well I don't believe in them, but for the strangest reason at night I'm scared. I freak out that the barbie doll and the clown doll have plans to kill me or freak me out. I don't know why it just does!!!! xD Anyways, that's my phobia. I'm scared of dolls.

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