Scared of dogs

i have always been scared of dogs, dont get me wrong i really like them & i would want one but i just cant get over my fear of them.

I have never had any bad experiences with them i just cant seem to like them, everytime i see a dog i always think of the worst like what if it bites me or runs up to me i dont like it if a dog barks either i always find this a threat.

I never go to friends houses who have dogs because im just to scared to meet them or i'm worried about what they might do to me.

Everyone says that dogs can smeel fear i'm worried about what they are going to do when they come near me & im there shaking like mad.

I cant even go to the beach for a walk in the winter anymore because im just to scared of the dogs wondering around, i even broke out into tears because there were dogs on the beach & they didnt even come near me !

i just dont no what to do anymore, i need some help!

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