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You are not alone
by: Sarah

Just wanted to say that I absolutely get it!! I literally have never in my life been to a park on my own for fear that there will be a god off-leash (I'm 32 yo). I wont go down the beach on my own either in case I get chased by a dog who wants to play.

Most of the time if I get upset the owner gets insulted and accuses me of not liking their dog. I love dogs, and would have one, but I'm irrationally and deeply phobic.

I've heard that neuro-lignuistic programming (a type of hypnosis) can be good, and I've also had people suggest behavioural psychology. I've not yet tried either as when I have time I don't have money, and when I have money I don't have time!!

In the short term, it's really really hard but if you find yourself faced with a dog and all you want to do is run away try:
- clench your fists by your side, in your mind just keep repeating the word "slow", or "breathe", and DO NOT whatever you do, look at the dog (I know you will want to - I need to know where the damn thing is so not looking is the hardest!)

- If you do have to turn around and go the other way, try to do this as fluidly as you can, and definitely don't run (you're gonna want to!). Some dogs it's in their nature to chase, they're hunting dogs, so if you turn and run quickly, their minds will tell them to run after you even if they wont actually do anything to you.

- don't be ashamed to call out to owners if they've bothered to keep up with their dogs. I just call out "excuse me, could you please hold your dog? I'm terrified of dogs". Most people, even if they snigger because they think I'm a freak, will hold the dog. I feel bad about myself but at least the dog can't get at me - that's a result right??

- Lastly, and this is really reeeeallly important. Tell your friends. My friends usually think I don't like dogs and don't really understand the extent of my problem until I explain that, it's not that I don't like 'em, it's that with me, dogs are like mice and spiders for other people. Once you can relate it to something they're phobic of, and they understand, you'll feel so much more supported and protected. My friends NEVER call over a dog if I'm with them because they understand my problem. If I don't explain it to people they often call over a dog to try and help me to "learn to like dogs". Yes, they're idiots lol!

Anyway, sorry I've got soooo much to say hehe! Stay strong and remember:


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