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I feel for you.
by: Michele

I wasn't scared of moths until I was a teenager and went to a baseball game. These HUGE moths that look like birds were flying everywhere at night and they never bothered me...actually no bugs did. And then this middle aged man sitting with his family right in front of me had one of the moths land on him. When he figured it out he started screaming and trying to get it off him. It sounded like he was dying or something. Needless to say from that point on I am scared to death of the tiniest lil moth and I get nervous around butterflies if I cant figure out if it is a butterfly or moth. Now I am much older and the fear has spread to crickets and grasshoppers too. I am not afraid of scorpions, spiders, monarch butterflies, snakes, lizards....just some of the most harmless bugs. Now my son is the same way and it is much worse for him because he is now afraid of all bugs in general. He has a hard time going outside because the minute he sees a bug even far off then he is done playing. I know how crippling it can be. Good luck with it.

by: Anonymous

Hi holly. Don't worry you are not alone... I'm terrified of butterflys and moths too, so mush so I can't even look at pictures of them, I hate summer for this reason too. I frequently have dreams about them sticking to my face and flapping and I also like you I run away crying if one comes near me!! I'm sorry but I have no cure as I'm still looking for one myself but there are people out there who use hypnotism to help phobias and disorders....... I really hope this helps you, if you want to contact back my email ........................................ Roxanne (25)

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