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by: Anonymous

Wow, I thought there wasn't anyone else. I also have a fear of bubbles - mainly bath bubbles. I can manage shower bubbles if i don't think about them too much, same with washing up liquid. I have to wait for fizzy drink bubbles to settle before I can drink, I don't like froff on coffee, hot chocolate etc it freaks me out. Ever since I was a kid I would be so scared, and hide and cry when mum would call for me to have a bath and I knew there will be bubbles.

by: bubblephobic

i am EXTREMLY afraid of bubbles. ever since i wuz a kid, my mom said, "cmon lets take a bubble bath!" and i said NO!NO!NO!NO! and started hyperventilating. she's thinking, EVERY kid LOVES bubbles, so despite my warning, she threw me in.i freaked out, threw up, and have always been that way ever since about bubbles. i still love soda, the bubbles dont matter there, but even sudsing up my hair to much makes me feel sick. haha ive never met anyone else with a phobia of bubbles!! what can i say, im special!! :-P

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