Scared of being on a Virtual world

by Carla
(United Kingdom)

Okay, so I'm scared of being on a Virtual world, You know where there's Avatars and stuff where You talk to other avatars, It's cool abit like, IMVU? Yeah well i feel nervous in what my Avatar is wearing like, it has to be better than everyone elses, Otherwise i think im being judged, I hide in my appartment on this virtual world.. I can't leave it.. I'm scared dunno why But I think it's not normal.. My family all think i have agraphobia..? Someone help me :/ Please i can't communicate in real, Only to my family members. But on this Virtual world. it just feels crowded and that i'm being judged also.. I can't make Conversation on it. I have to hide behind fake account's because i feel more comfortable of people not knowning who i am. It's not funny, Really.. anyone else with this Problem? I mean it's like.. I'm the only one out of millions of users that does this. I probably am. They all talk have laughs, I like it quite on it. But that's when all my friends are off it.. then it's no Fun! I need help. :S ????

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