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locked toilet
by: jess

yeah it is quite wierd sometime but it i have experience being locked in when i was younger

by: Erin

Yeah, I've been locked in a toilet and I now refuse to lock the doors. Due to this, I've had a LOT of embarrassing and awkward situations of people walking in.. :L

I've it too
by: Anonymous

I was locked once in office toilet for 2hrs. Since then I carry my mobile into the toilet!

I got that too! :(
by: Anonymous

I'm also scared of that (also lifts and getting trapped in room and such.) Once I was trapped I panicked and I broke the entire darn door. Bad experience

by: Anonymous

Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia- Fear of being locked in an enclosed place.

Size of room may or may not matter, but the idea of being unable to leave the room at any given time is the haunting factor here. Being locked in.

I have this fear to
by: Kathryn

I used to have this fear. I locked myself in a loo on a airplane when I was 6, it traumotized me for years and I could not lock a toilet door, I had to leave it unlocked. I locked myself in toilets several times again after this, but It was because I panicked. I am pretty much over it, however I always have to check a lock when i go to the toilet to make sure it will be easy to open and if not then i won't lock it, so i suppose I am not over it really, I just don't get as nervous as I used to. You should not think that you are wierd or anything because everyone has a fear of something, and this one is pretty common i reckon, I suppose it is very similar if not the same as chlostrophobia.

being locked in bathroom
by: jasmine

i have that fear too, i get so scared of the idea! its first started when i was at my grans house, i got locked in her upstairs bathroom and i was so scared i nearly broke the door down i was kicking it so hard and shouting my head off! It i can help it i wont ever lock the door on a bathroom or any room it scares the life out of me!

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