Scared of being home alone, driving, etc...

by miranda

Mine started with just the fear of driving. At first, I just couldnt drive on the interstate. Then I started never leaving town. Now I hardly drive anywhere.

And then I have the insane fear of being left at home alone. Im grown with four children and I panic the minute I realize I might be left in the house by myself. I start to feel dizzy, sickly, fast heart rate, like Im going to pass out and nobody will be there to help me.

And Im deathly afraid of passing out for some reason. I never have before, it just seems weird to me that the body just shuts itself down like that. I go to GREAT extremes to make sure im never alone and that I dont have to drive anywhere.

It is ruining my life!! It affects my kids and husband greatly and the more I try to explain....the worse I feel. Ive dealt with this for 15 years, at times it has gotten better.

But for now it is here with a vengeance!! I feel so alone in this as nobody can possibly understand. I feel crazy.

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