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Agoraphobia and scared to be home alone
by: Patricia

I am agoraphobic. I am also scared to be home alone. It is very scary. I use to have my daughter here with me all day and now she has moved out. It is very hard to stay home alone. I have countless anxiety and panick attacks.

being alone
by: Anonymous

I have that fear of driving too alone. In regards to your fear of being alone, I think it is a little natural. You are a woman and alone in the house with a toddler. I am afraid of looking outside the window if there are people outside. I am afraid they might see me.

Fear of Driving
by: Amy

I am also afraid of driving. It only started about five years ago. I was driving on the highway and my car started making this horrible noise. I did not want to pull over on the highway and I was about 20mins from home so I figured just keep going. Well I turned off my exit and car died. So I didnt think anything of it I was calling my dad to come pick me up when all of a sudden I noticed flames coming from under the hood. i tried to pop the hood but it wouldnt budge. It was melted shut. I called 911 and by the time they got there the hood was engulfed in flames. Ever since then any noise I hear in the car Im pertrified. Even having it checked out by a technician does not ease my worries. I, like you, started avoiding the highway all together and then it got worse and worse and now I also barley drive. Just thinking about it gives me extreme anxiety. Its like Im waiting for something terrible to happen.

you are not crazy!!
by: Anonymous

I am the same way. I'm married and have 1 kid and another on the way and I get terrified if I know I will be home alone at all.

If I know its going to be dark when my husband gets off work I start getting scared a few hours before its even dark and I shut all the blinds and sometimes have to check every inch of the house before I can be comfortable enough to sit down on the couch.

I get that scared and my little girl is always here with me. Shes a toddler. I've been that way my whole life.

Plus I've gotten to where I'm scared of just about everything. I won't go grocery shopping or anything without my husband unless it's absolutely necessary for me to go somewhere because I don't feel safe without him around.

You are not alone at all. More people feel like that than you think.

Sometimes it makes me feel down and depressed because I think I'm stupid or a freak for getting scared so much but it's normal and a lot of people just don't talk about it.

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