Scared of Basketballs!

i was in gym class one day, and we were playing knock out and i got hit in the head. normal. i sat out. the next time i played i got hit int he head but i remember being so bored sitting out the last time, that i decided to join back in. i got hit again. the 3rd day we were playing i got hit for the fourth time and all the sudden my vision started getting blurry and i felt like i was going to faint. so i sat out. while i was sitting out, my "friend" was messing around with me and every time i wasn't looking, shed bounce one towards, giving me about a hundred mini heart attacks. i then sat on a bench int he middle of the gym, refusing to get up until the bell rung (about 30 minutes from there)and now im not scared of the game, but the ball its self.

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