Scared of Balls. Balls, AKA: gigantic things that get hurled at you!!!!!!!

by Lauren L.
(Florida, U.S.A.)

Ever since I was five, when a soccer ball hit me in the nose and I ended up with a nosebleed, I have been scared of balls. Another time, in the second grade, a soccer ball hit me smack in the stomach and I started crying. Yet another time, in the fifth grade, a kickball hit me in my ribs and I fell down crying.

Everytime I am forced to play a sport involving gym balls, some really snotty girls start whispering about the fact that I'm afraid of balls and I always end up being picked last. Although I don't really mind, I still start shaking when I come near a fast-moving ball.

I hate having this fear, and I really wish to overcome come it, but I can't seem to be able to do so. I have tried searching the fear of gym balls, but I can't seeem to find anything. What is this phobia called and is there any way I can overcome come it?

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