Scared of any RED fire alarms

by Jessica

Well, many people know that fire alarms save lives by alerting people that there's a fire somewhere in the building. I don't know why, but I am so scared of any RED fire alarms. I hate walking into a public restroom, for example, if there's any fire alarm of some sort...(mainly a red one). There's something about them that frightens me to death. I'm fine to an extent when someone else is in the bathroom with me. In my dorm room, there are red fire alarms all throughout the building, mainly in the hallways and restrooms. I hate walking by myself around them. However, I will do it when I need to. To be honest, there were times when I didn't want to go to the bathroom because two fire alarms are in there. There are nights where I refuse to brush my teeth in the restroom or wash my face. When I get showers, I will brush my teeth in there. To make it worse, I RUN to the showers because that part of the bathroom doesn't have the fire alarms. Mind you, these dorm restrooms in my building are community bathrooms. When I do go to the bathroom, I run to the stall and quickly close it and duck down. I didn't want to see the fire alarm that was facing the stalls. I use the handicap stall because there's a sink in it. After I'm done, I flush and stay ducked down and wash my hands, making sure I don't see the alarm. Then I hurry out to the door, hoping I don't accidentally hit someone while running.

When I'm walking to class in a different building, I see other different red fire alarms. Some look so scary to me. I always look at them when I walk to make sure it doesn't go off or something. Here's another scenario. Before I transferred to the college I'm attending now, I use to go to a community college back at home. In the first semester in the restrooms, I didn't see any fire alarms at all, and I was so glad. However, when second semester rolled around, the school installed new fire alarms. They decided to install them in the bathrooms, as well. I walked into the bathroom and noticed the fire alarm and immediately ran out.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I have always felt weird or scared around fire alarms. I don't know if it's the noise or the lights. All I know is that I have a problem. I have only admitted to MAYBE two people in my life of how frighten I am of them. Believe me, I have many more stories about fire alarms, but I could possibly write a novel about it. This is my sad and pathetic story.

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