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Glad I'm not alone
by: Micaela

I'm terrified of the way they look... I went through therapy for it when I was little but started regressing recently. I'm 24 and I even have nightmares about fire alarms... The sound isn't what scares me... Though it does add to the fear... But they have always just LOOKED creepy and some more than others. I found a Youtube video once of a kid who was fascinated by the different models and got a box FULL of them for Christmas and was so happy and all I could think was if anyone gave that to ME for Christmas I'd scream my head off then punch whoever had done it. The ones that creep me out the most are the square cube ones with the slots and no light because they can creep up on you. I check the walls every time I go in public restrooms. I even noticed a fire alarm on the back wall of a News Studio during a broadcast on tv. I googled "Fear of fire alarms" just now to see if I was alone and I'm glad to know I'm not, though I'm not sure if anyone else finds them as scary to look at as I do or have nightmares about them frequently e.e.

Fire drills
by: Anonymous

Ever since I was young, I've been so freaked out by loud noises. I'm now almost in high school, and my fear has gone down to just fire alarms. When I was in elementary school, I knew exactly when it would go off, 10:00 AM, Thursdays, once a month, good weather, stairwell doors closed, classroom doors open. I would get scared when it would go off or when I heard we would have one, but I wouldn't lie awake at night. Now in middle school, about the second week of school we have a fire drill drill, which is basically a fire drill without the alarm, so we can know where to go. Usually a week later, we have a real fire drill. It is that third week, and I am freaking out, but I'm finally gonna see the counselor tomorrow. We only have a fire drill once a year though, due to
freezing weather conditions, so after this first one I'm stress free. I also sit right under the alarm in every class, which freaks me out. I am so glad I'm not alone with this phobia, but I hope I get over it soon! I can't keep lying awake at night, being distracted in class, and making a fool of myself

I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

It's so nice to see that I'm not alone with this fear. I always thought that it was just some weird quirk I had, and I was so embarrassed and ashamed.

Its not just a fear of fire alarms, but smoke alarms too, and carbon monoxide alarms.

It started when I was younger. I was watching some sesame street video about fire safety and it make me really uncomfortable. Conveniently after, the smoke alarm went of for some reason.

In elementary school, we had 2 different fire alarms, one for the upstairs and one downstairs. Upstairs was this loud, high pitched screeching sound and downstairs was this blaring horn that was also really loud. Both of them terrified me and I remember shaking everytime we had to evacuate.

In middle school, the fire alarms were in every class room and sounded like a siren followed by a deep voice instructing you to leave. It wasn't as bad as elementary school, but it still scared me everytime it went off. Plus, the portables had a different alarm like the upstairs one in elementary school, so if I was in there when a fire alarm went off, I would be terrified.

Now I'm in high school and thankfully, we don't have fire drill frequently. We probably have one or two in fall and one or two in spring. It's the same alarm as the middle school. But I get scared going to the bathroom alone or walking past one in the hallway. I'm being treated for anxiety and haven't brought it up to my therapist yet, but I feel like I should.

Also, if I'm in a hotel room and it has a red fire alarm, I cannot be alone with it. I was up in Syracuse and was alone for about 2 hours in the room with the alarm and was trying to read, but kept glancing at it afraid it would go off. When I'm at home at night, sometimes I can't sleep because I'm so afraid that the smoke alarm will go off or will even just chirp to let us know it needed to change batteries.

I want to live in NYC when I'm older but I'm so scared that the apartment I'll stay in will have a faulty alarm that will go off whenever. I really don't know if I'll ever overcome this fear but it's just really comforting to know I'm not alone.

by: Someone Who Needs Help

I am very surprised I'm not the only one with this! I've been scared of home smoke detectors and fire alarms since my mom burnt that batch of cookies when I was 5. I'm now in 6th grade, and my classroom is out it the portables. Which is AWESOME. In 1 portable, there are 2 class rooms. And only 1 fire alarm per classroom! But we still need to go into the School Building to get our lunches, bathroom, P.E, Music, ETC. But whenever I look at the fire alarms, I'm scared $**tless! I remember back in 1st 2nd &3rd grade, when I would sit in the hall and do timed math tests. The fire alarm went off every other time I did those! So for 4th & 5th grade I've been Homeschooled. But now I'm back in 6th grade and I think I've made a TERRIBLE mistake coming back. I think I should tell my teacher and she'll let me outside 5 minutes before? I dunno... And it's only the 2nd day of school (well you dumbass why would there be a fire drill on the first week of school)!

I h8 fire alarms
by: Anonymous

Oh yeah, none of you are alone! In kindergarten I actually LIKED the drills, but as I got older the fear got worse. Whenever I'm in a class with a fire alarm in it, I always anticipate that screeching sound. It's a nightmare! Thank God my high school has speaker-less alarms in the classrooms, except for my P.E. Class and the library- brining ear plugs to study hall now, at least for the beginning of the year, cuz we only have two in fall and spring.

Happens all the time to me.
by: Anonymous

I'm glad I'm not the only one... Anyways, my fear of fire alarms started a long time ago, I'm not sure how, but I've always hated the sound of school fire alarms and their louder than hell screaming. I've always tried to wrap my mind around my fear, telling myself "It's just a sound, it can't hurt you!" but to no avail. I am now in my second year of High-School, and I already don't want to go back to school because I don't know the date of our first fire-drill... As soon as I hear the phrase, "fire drill", I just want to get out of my desk, and run outside the building as far as I can go before the alarms start going off... I'm much more comfortable NOT knowing when a fire drill is going to happen, so I don't have any anticipation-anxieties.

I'm just glad I can share this with you all.

fire alarms
by: Anonymous

I did not know others had the same phopia as me it is worse then any i am going to a boring small middle school cause i thought it would not have fire alarms but it does and at orrientaten for any school i go to i ask are you fire alarms loud and they say there normal occasionally there is to buildings and one is conected to a business I resently moved into an apartment and with the owner of the apartment inthe room i freaked out when i sall a school fire alarms i talked to my mom and told her we have to disconect it and i made sure they were not lying to us when my dad was moving in boxes he sall them disconecting it and now thats disconected when i look at it i feel no fear so its not the look i go to summer camp at a performing arts center and we have a fire drill every tuesday but luckly the dont turn the noise on because its a business i want to be a performer when i grow up and i think that if one were to go off at a concert i dont know what i would do i wish they would put the old ones back in the old days so im scared any suggestions.

17 years old and I STILL hate the fire alarm!
by: Anonymous

At my school we have fire drills every month. in the halls we have speaker/strobe light alarms. in the rooms we just have strobe alarms (except for the computer room. We have a speaker/strobe in there, which is the reason I hate that room.)

Anyways, the strobe light doesn't bother me, It's the loud, ear splitting noise it makes. When it goes off I immediately nearly jump to the ceiling, along with colorful language coming out of my mouth. It especially doesn't help that my gym teacher's whistle sounds EXACTLY like the alarm. I am afraid to stand anywhere near the alarms. I also used have fire alarms next to the front door of my apartment.(They eventually removed them because little kids would pull the alarm boxes just for a prank.

Also it doesn't bother me (as much) if the speaker on the alarm is small. (Ironically) Which sucks because my favorite dollar theater (Hollywood USA movie 15 garland tx.) has huge speakers on the alarms. (I guess it's because that I think that, just the speakers on the alarm is small the alarm won't be as loud.

One more thing: Any alarms that sounds anything like my gym teachers whistle is the ones I'm afraid of.

Fire Alarms
by: Chris

I would have never known that other people have the same fear as i do. It all started for me back in elementary school when they had minature bathroom inside of the classroom. When i looked up,there it was, a Spectre Alert fire alarm.It didnt really bother me at first until the fire alarm went off one day when i was in kindergarden and i saw the fire alarm's strobe light flashing and the loud noise it emitted in a dark room.Ever since then,they have REALLY bothered me.Middle school wasnt that bad,the fire alarms were a different type where they only had the strobe lights and the school would use a fire truck noise over the intercom.The only one that ever bothered me there was in the mens locker room. I am in 11th grade now and they still bother me. This school has the simplex trualert fire alarms and they still terrify me.I can sit or stand a good distance away from them and it wont bother me,but as soon as i get closer to it,i start to get really nervous on the inside.The noise of them bothers me somewhat and so does the strobe light.Ive never really told anybody of my fear because i felt that they would laugh because i even admit to myself that it is a dumb thing to be scared over.Smoke alarms dont bother me really much at all,only if they have a strobe light on them. Im trying to pursue the career of hvac and electricity and being scared of fire alarms is really going to get in the way of that.Im trying to find ways to overcome the fear.They only really bother me if im alone with them,but if im with other people,it doesnt seem to bother me as much because i can just take my mind off of it. This fear keeps me from going in public/school bathrooms, in college dormrooms, and enclosed areas with fire alarms. I find it pretty stupid that i have to hold using the bathroom because im scared of a fire alarm.I have a creep into every enclosed room i go into because im scared of a fire alarm being in there.If i knew for 100% that they werent going to go off, i probably wouldnt be as scared, but still a little because i still dont like the fire alarm structure itself. I hate it. Im thinking about buying a few fire alarms and wiring them up,turning them on,multiple times until my fear of them is gone.I dont find therapy a way of helping in this kind of situation.Im sitting in the school library right now, and they are about 8 fire alarms surrounding me right now, and even if they were to go off right now, it wouldnt bother me, as long as a stay a good distance from them, and when i say good distance, i mean at least 8-10 yards away from them.The alarms at my school are at least several on every hallway, in every bathroom, and every classroom, its like everywhere that you turn, theres another couple fire alarms. We had a system malfunction of the fire alarms last year and the alarms stayed on for almost an hour straight. They were able to get the horns to turn off,but the strobe lights stayed on for an hour.Its a really aggrivating and horrible one.

My middle school alarms
by: Jared

My middle school alarms are the nasty spectralert advance
Alarms that blare like crazy, like 20 times louder than 60 volume tv
When they go off it scares the crap out of me I wished it was on low not high volume
At least they were quiet in elementary
But they had a creepy voice
Middle school is loud and scares the $h*t out of everyone
High school will be worse

Original Fire Alarm Blog
by: Jessica

Hi, guys!! Thanks for your comments again!! It's been a few years now when I first posted about my fire alarm fear. I posted that sophomore year in college, and now I'm a graduate living in Pittsburgh. I'm so glad I'm not alone. Trust me. I felt so embarrassed posting this story, but now... I don't feel as bad. I'll be honest, I'm still nervous around fire alarms. The good news, it's not AS bad. One thing that helped me was living in a dorm room that had a fire alarm with a light on it, which I mentioned in my latest comment. Also, I watch YouTube videos of fire alarm testing. Being exposed to your fear will help. I don't think I'll completely get over my fear, though. I still freak out when I'm alone with one, especially at public restrooms. If you have more stories, please share!! Thanks, again, my friends.

It's the light that gets me
by: Anonymous

I never get scared when it comes to the noise of the alarm as long as it beeps. In elementary school there was a man with a deep voice on the alarm and that's when it started. If I even heard something remotely near his voice I would jump and brusie my knees by hitting my desk. Then in middle school there was one that was quieter but the flashing light is bright e nought that I worry that a kid will drop with a seizure. I have never been able to get over this fear and I feel like I'm the only one in my school who reacts like this. It drives me crazy and keeps me up at night if I have been told there will be one the next day. Also I always joke about being psychic but I will know when there will be a drill. No one will tell me I can just tell by going through a checklist of probable reasons (good temperature, no mud, no rain, no event or important test, etc.). I don't know where I was going with this but it felt good to share since I know there will be one tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Thank goodness for that..
by: Anonymous

I thought I would never find as many people with the same fear as me. It started back in Primary School where we had the usual bells that constantly ring. I was alright with it up until Year 5 which is when that alarm appeared in the classroom and not outside of it like it usually was. Even though I was far away from it, it scared me so much I would cry when it went off. Even now, I still hate it in Secondary School. They are in the majority of my classrooms and even though they are a different sound it still frightens me. I have had a bad record of attendance due to this fear and I don't know what to do about it.

Fire drill
by: Anonymous

What sucks for me is that they put my desk right under it and when it hose off it scares the crap out of me and I really dont know what to do?? I hope is gose away soon because it's makes me scars when I know one is going to happen like tmrrow I have one

Thanks guys!!!
by: Maggie

I'm so happy to be reading all of these comments. I've thought I was alone for so long. Ever since preschool, I've been so terrified of fire alarms. In part, it's the noise, but its also just the alarms themselves. All throughout elementary school, we had monthly drills. In sixth grade, the school changed it to weekly. Now, I'm nearing the end of middle school where we don't have fire drills. I haven't experienced a fire drill since sixth grade. I'm hopefully going to a wonderful arts high school, but they have monthly drills and the alarms are sometimes set off by people burning stuff in the microwave. I'm really scared because I haven't heard the alarm in so long. My therapist used to say that I should find something to mimic the sound, but I can't find anything that sounds like the alarms I'm scared of. However, I'm glad I'm not alone in my fear. I was really feeling ashamed, but now I don't anymore. I've had such similar experiences as everyone here. Thanks!

My daughter has this
by: Anonymous

We can't go to a hotel, someone's house or anywhere without her pointing out the fire alarm. During school fire drills they have to carry her outside because she is locked down in fear. Last night we were going to stay overnight with family but she got hysterical because of the fire alarms in the bedroom. We have stayed there a dozen times before but for whatever reason she went into full on melt down if we tried to go in the bedrooms with the fire alarms. We had to come home. Hopefully we can help her find a way to cope and function with her fear better. She is six years old and there is NO reasoning with her once her fear kicks in.

the fear that has always haunted me
by: Anonymous

So this fear started in 2nd grade and i hated it and now i am in 10th grade and it is still here in me but is has gotten much better but is bothering me and the thing that i hate is the shape of the alarm it self :(

Fire Alarm
by: Anonymous

My fear of fire alarms goes way back. It all started when I came here thirteen years ago and had to accustom to monthly fire drills. It was no big deal at first but now I am scared $**t. In middle school we had a screeching fire alarm and I always found myself reaching for my ears.

Today we live in a townhouse with 6 interconnected alarms. They are sensitive as freak and sometimes love to go off randomly. Here I also have to keep reaching for my ears and I scream and have to get water everytime I hear it. Thank goodness the garage doesn't have one-it's my only safe haven.

Round Thanksgiving, they went off in the dead of night and I couldn't sleep the rest of that night. Manager staff don't even know why that happens. This rude awakening also happens around the time of testing the system.

Everyone thinks I have OCD but I know better. It seems that my family just doesn't want to talk to me about that.

This forum is surprising
by: Anonymous

I thought I was completely alone in this. I realize my fear is completely irrational but I've had it for as long as I can possibly remember, and I can think of anything that could have triggered it. It's gotten a lot better, thankfully. I used to completely avoid looking at them. Now if I'm in the room with other people I'm basically fine, but sometimes I stare at it, as if I'm making sure it doesn't try anything funny.
Unfortunately my taekwondo studio installed fire alarms - and lots of them - in dojo over the weekend. They're big, red, scare me. They also installed one in each one person bathroom - now I can't go to the bathroom in there because my pulse speeds up, I get shaky, and freak out because it's basically eye level with me. I've never told anyone because I thought I was alone and they would laugh at me...but now at least I know I'm not alone. :)

fire alarm phobia
by: Anonymous

I have always hated fire alarms and drills my teachers let me go outside otherwise I have a anxiety attack, but since I have to go to a new middle school my teachers say my new teachers probably won’t let me skip them. Tomorrow I have to do a evacuation drill inside I’am going crazy! HELP NOW!

Panic attack when I see any alarm.
by: Oakz

I panic when I see one of these alarms and have a panic attack when they go off! I thought I was alone with this fear. My fear started when we had a faulty drill at school and from then on I would never ever want to go into a supermarket. One day I was forced to go in a supermarket and they went off! I kind of knew about it as I heard over the muffled speakers: "Staff to come to the meeting room to talk about the 11:30 fire alarm call." Ever since that happened I dreaded for the day that I was to go to secondary school as they would go off every hour. I thought to myself, "If they go off every hour I'll get used to it." I have thought that to myself amd I feel happier when I go into a supermarket, but, I still feel scared. Please help me and tell me what to do to completely get rid of my phobia online.

Scared of any RED fire alarms (comment myself)
by: Jessica

Wow, I didn't think when I posted this story that I'll have others with the same issue. :) I don't feel alone anymore! I am currently a resident advisor, and my room has (unfortunately) a fire alarm. It's not red, though, but it still freaks me out. Living with one in my room has helped my anxiety (just a little, though). Unfortunately, today the maintenance had to test the alarms. I didn't know about it. I was eating in my room minding my own business, and BAM!!! I screamed and ran out into the hallway and stood by my door. I was warned by the maintenance that the alarms were going to go off again, so I stayed outside the hallway for 15-20 minutes. The alarms outside the hallways are the big, red ones that talk. They're kind of creepy. I jumped everytime they went off, even though I knew they were going to be set off. Hell, I don't think I'll ever be over this phobia. I've told more people about it, and they totally understand why. It's mainly the noise, yes. However, I think there's more to it.

Same here!
by: Perry

My dad is a fireman so you would think that I would be cool with, even interested in, the related stuff. I am not! When I was like 3, I saw an Arthur episode that talked about fire drills and that flipped me out. Then, that night, I had a weird dream that involved a loud sound, and when I woke up, the sound was still going and it was actually our smoke alarm. A weird coincidence is that a couple months later, when I was readying for school, I saw that episode and got a little worried. We had a fire drill at school that day and it was over for me! I don't know why but whenever I went to school, I had this sixth sense that there was to be a fire drill- and I was always right (I'm not sure what was worse, the sound or the sheer terror of anticipation). My school had Simplex TrueAlert alarms, and if you look up what they sound like it's awful. Ok moving on, the problem with the alarms was mostly at school as the ones at home were well behaved (they only went off once when our candle caught a small fire). I was excelling in school so I dropped out to do a homeschool curriculum and thought I was saved. We moved to Florida and our house there was new, but our smoke alarms were wired oddly and they would set off a lot, usually at night. One time a unit malfunctioned and they would go off every 20 minutes and I was in the backyard hiding behind a bush with my ears covered. I refuse to even look at our smoke alarms and if I'm cooking I won't use the broiler or try not to fry things and if I think it's getting a little hazy I will take the battery out of the kitchen alarm temporarily. I guess I could get over it but I get so freaked out.

PS: At college the other day, I got an email that we were going to have a drill, and I freaked out at first but it was a few weeks so I let myself forget. When I got to school that day I felt that sixth sense I haven't seen in awhile (boy that wasn't nice) and remembered the announcement. FORTUNATELY for me, the school just announced over the PA and called all our cell phones and said we had to go outside for 5 minutes.

Burglar Alarm Systems
by: Ace Alarms

I think this probably stems from the colour red on a very holistic basis. Red is a commanding colour, it tell us to stop at traffic lights for example and to be warned of a possible danger or perhaps a danger about to happen.

I do meet clients who have found this also! just change the colour of the burglar alarms box! or spray it, but the important thing to remember is those break in (burglars) are probably self conciously afraid of the colour too...

Me Too!
by: Anonymous

I found this website because the red alarm in the hallway of my apartment complex just went off twice in the past 10 minutes, and I'm still shaking. There is no fire, though. I had two smoke alarms in my apartment until just a few months ago...I ripped one out of the wall because it kept going off, despite replacing the batteries. I have another in my bedroom that is hardwired, and occasionally it goes off due to insects or dust. Every few months, I shut off the power in the box in the hallway and use canned air to clean the smoke alarm. About 30 years ago, I and my roommates were trapped in our 7th floor college dorm suite for about half an hour due to a fire that started in the trash chute in the hallway. All eight of us (and one roomie's boyfriend) gathered in one room and stuffed wet towels at the bottom of the closed door, but smoke got in anyway through the top of the door. We opened the window to get air, and people watching down below thought we were going to jump. We were rescued by firemen who led us down the dark, smoky stairwell. I was blowing black mucus out of my nose for a few days afterwards. This was during finals, BTW. I ended up getting C's in a couple of classes because I couldn't concentrate on studying after that (and, I also had to relocate to another dorm room on another floor due to fire damage). Since then, I have had a fear of fire alarms. Occasionally, I have set off the alarm in my apartment while cooking, and I rarely use the stove because of that. I can't sleep in the dark because I'm afraid of the smoke alarm going off in the dark. I know my situation is really extreme, and I probably should get help, but I'm glad that at least I can write about it and some people will understand.

With me and my sister.
by: Anonymous

my sister was terrified of fire drills. I was terrified of smoke detectors. I hated the way they were and i hated the noise they made. I especially hated those red ones too.

Fire Alarm phobia
by: Anonymous

There are quite a few people with this phobia.

In Derbyshire, in the UK- the councils who built many schools during the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s had a deal with Carters of Burnley- who manufactured rotary air sirens (a smaller indoor version of the air raid ones- called the MiniMite) which were the standard spec on any Fire Alarm system installed during that time.

I worked as an engineer servicing them (for a contract company) and when these things were tested- believe me they were well over specified in sound levels for what they were doing. Many children used to cry, and were frightened.

They emitted a continual piercing shriek, at around 100dB in level.

Fire alarms freak me out
by: Rhinholtz

Unlike most of the comments I read on here, I developed a phobia of fire alarms when I was an adult. It started when I was working night shift at a hotel. Recently we had some additions built on and we were getting a new front desk in the new building. The control box for the fire alarm had been moved to the new building but we were still in the old. One night around 2 in the morning the fire alarms started blaring everywhere for no reason. But the problem was they locked up the new building at night. I couldn't get in to turn it off! People were running out everywhere asking me what was happening and I couldn't tell them anything. Now every night I'm terrified it will go off on me, and that was years ago. My phobia is getting so bad I'm thinking about quitting just to get away from it.

Fear of fire alarms, you're NOT alone.
by: Anonymous

My little brother started primary school last September (2010) and his school has already had about four fire drills. Although its the law that schools, workplaces and supermarkets perform fire drills in order for everyone to act promptly as though a real fire had occurred, the anticipation of the alarms going off is daunting. Especially if the alarms are placed in nearly EVERY room.

Unfortunatley thats the case at my little brother's school. Every classroom, the reception foyer, dining hall/PE hall/Assembly hall, staff toilets and the boys & girls toilets have a red fire alarm bell in them that emit a loud ring when they sound. To make matters worse my brother was in the boys toilets when the bell suddenly rung, startling the life out of him. He HATES loud sudden noise, but due to the inconvienient placing of the alarms, he'll have to face the fear.

Likewise my primary school had fire alarm bells, but luckily they were only situated in the corridors (not so good if you were taking something from one room to the other and they sounded)! Luckily for me I was in the classroom when they sounded or outside in the playground or any other room that didn't have an alarm. But my God they were LOUD! However my very first year of Primary I was asked to take a slip to the office, situated at the opposite end of the school which of course involved walking past loads of fire alarm bells in the long corridors. Unknowingly i was completely unaware there was to be a fire drill & you can guess what happened. I had a panic attack and luckily a member of staff was walking past that exact moment and had to calm me down before waling me out onto the playground. My teacher could see I had a nasty panic attack and was in hysterics. Thats probably the reason they made sure i remained in the classroom when a fire alarm was to take place :)

The fire alarms at my secondary school were different. Luckily they weren't shrill sounding bells but instead a siren which came through the speakers (the same speakers where the pips came from which was the school bell). Nevertheless, the sudden noise of the siren made me jump on some occasions, but luckily it wasnt quite so bad as its a siren.

I think its better if there's some background noise so that the person suffering from that fear does not anticipate the noise.

Wow, others like me do exist!
by: Anastasia

I'm surprised and relieved to know that I'm not the only person who suffers from a fear of fire alarms! I actually have a fear of both fire alarms and smoke detectors. I believe it originally stemmed from the sudden, piercing noise of the smoke detector. When I was young, I would walk down the hallway with my security blanket over my head so that I couldn't see it on the ceiling if I looked up. Then during school, I learned the joy of the louder than hell fire alarm system. Great...A new, louder terror!

I've never sought any help to try to "cure" my phobia, and it never seems to subside. I'm thirty now, and still deal with the extreme fear to the extent that you do (don't want to be alone in a room with one, feel anxious walking past one, etc.).

I know that the fear of fire is pyrophobia and the fear of loud sounds is acousticophobia, so the non-official term would be pyroacousticophobia.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I couldn't believe it when I read this, I can totally relate to how you feel. I've had this fear for years now and every time I enter a new strage rest room I have to creep in to make sure there's nothing that scares me in there. Fire alarms are the main thing but others are those automatic air fresheners that blink at you then spray all over you. Extractor fans, particularly noisy dusty old ones bring me out in a cold sweat.

I thought I was alone on this Phobia
by: Sean

I've had this crazy phobia since I was about 4 when our house nearly lit fire and the small smoke detector in my room warned us about the small flame which was growing.

I can remember from that day I started to hate and fear those red detectors. In fact I remember from Middle school I would be terrified of that nasty sound. And our school had these old alarms which would make this loud pulsing frightening sound over and over...

For nights I would lay awake afraid to death about it happening, but I finally grew fond to it *Thank God* Haha.

Still, I think it's just that fact that you're alone when the alarm sounds.

I HATE being alone for many reasons, and that's one of them.

Red fire alarms
by: Mike

When I was a kid I had the same fear of smoke detectors. It began one day when my house caught on fire and the smoke detectors warned us (naturally). For years I was terrified of them and the sound. When my mom would cook and accidentally set them off, I would burst into tears and plug my ears. For the remaining years in that house (roughly 2), I would plug my ears and run through the hallway that contained them. My brothers would torment me because of it. But, I eventually grew out of it. And ironically, in my 20s, my house burned down.

I also had a slight discomfort for the red fire alarms at my school. The noise they made really freaked me out. I avoided looking at them as well. If they were to go off while I was looking at them, I would have died! But it was no

What's the name?
by: Jessica

Can anyone please tell me what this phobia is called...I'll be so relieved in a way.

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