Scared of all balls

by Becca
(Cumberland, RI)

When I was a kid, I was THE kid everyone made fun of. Of course in gym class we always played dodge ball, and I was always the target. The boys even at that age had quite an arm on them and would whip that ball at me so hard it left giant bruises all the time.

I am now 28 and am scared of all balls. I can't play ball with my daughter who plays soccer and softball and basketball. My husband thinks it's funny and throws balls in my direction just to scare me. But for someone who went thru what I went thru and the extent of what I went thru is devastating. No one understands. They just think I don't like balls in my direction but I am scared to death.

Not much has changed, as I haven't ever tried to get rid of the phobia. It just brings me back to 4th grade when the balls were being thrown at me one after another very hard as a way to hurt me.

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