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Scared in the shower
by: Anonymous

I almost always play music in the shower, and I'll get in and it'll be alright, but then I start to feel panick-ey and will rush to get out as quickly as I can. I found this thread because I just had to shower (and it's night time) but I got scared and I swear i took the fastest shower ever. It'll just be like "what if the floor collapses if I don't get out before this song ends" and then I rush to get out. It's not fun, but I can deal with it

by: Anonymous

Im just afraid of small showers or tub/shower combos. Nothing to do with bathing just turning around looking at the object or sometimes using the toilet next to one.I always leave the door open. I have no idea of what movie would do this to me so I think its a sensory problem. This is also the reason I don't use motels much.Oh yes im a man so I don't know if anyone has the exact same issue.

by: Anonymous

`My Mom is at work and she told me to taker a shower. She said she would expect me ready by the the time she gets to the house. Am not scared usually of taking showers cause my family is in the house but it's quiet and dark and it's raining. I tried turning on the lights and my lamp was not plugged on and I did not want to fix it cause it was in between my couches. Then it turns on by it's self. Then there was a knock on my door and I got and I was scared to get it and it just left.I have to two dogs and there barking makes me very nervous I tried staying next to them. Am so SCARED. My mom will be very upset if she comes and I have not showered. AHHH am so scared. OH AND ALSO when I get scared I suddenly remember all the scary stuff I have seen. Wish me luck!!!

OMG same
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh guys! Thank you so much for me not being the only one! I'm a teen and I think (at least in my mind ) I have an anxiety disorder and or a mild case of paranoid personality disorder. I get SOO scared to get in the shower especially at night when it is dark. I get scared that when I'm washing my hair or something that , that something or someone will walk into the bathroom silently and then kill me or a sprit of something will kill me. And then my extremely paranoid behave comes up even more and I start to have shortness of breath and then I think I see things in the air. (Which is probably not there) it's just so nice to know I'm not the only one who is scared of this.

See I don't share my feelings with people but my one friend (so not family of anything) so when my mother says to get s shower and stuff, I start to panic inside and get extremely paranoid. But I tell my mom I'm scared and then she thinks I'm totally crazy. But it's real. And idk what to do to help that. Like I'm so crazy that I am soooo scared to go into a dark room, be by myself in my house, get into the shower, can't go around a corner without being really scared that something is there, and like being really scared of things that would probably never happen to me. (Sorry this is long)

Sorry guys for being long and off topic but....again, so happy I'm not the only one! 😐❤️😌

What's wrong with me?
by: Anonymous

Everytime I go into the shower I start picturing the ocean and sharks, it's gotten so bad that another person being with me doesn't even help I don't know I'm not afraid of the ocean but I am afraid of sharks. What's wrong with me?

Irrational fear
by: Anonymous

I don't have a fear of the shower itself and on a daily basis I'm fine but it seems when I know I'm alone and there's nobody in the house I get this feeling of fear when in the shower. It's only when I'm washing my hair and having to close my eyes when I feel that if someTHING is behind me...watching...about to attack. I tend to scrub faster and in my mind it gets closer the faster I scrub. I try my fastest to get the soap out of my eyes so I can open and look. Iv gotten soap in my eyes many a time trying to look before I feel it gets me. I know it's a very irrational fear but Iv been this way since as long as I can remember. It's only when I'm alone in the house do I feel this way.

why do i do this????
by: Anonymous

I've been listening to horror channels on YouTube a lot lately which is definitely why i am so paranoid and scared. it's my own fault, i know. I will listen to different stories all day at work and when I get home i have to check my entire apartment (which is only a 1B1B) but I'll even look in irrational places and even after checking everywhere i still feel very uneasy. I'm in the bathtub, i couldn't take a shower because i was too scared and wanted to be able to see the door (WHICH IS LOCKED) at all times. I FEEL CRAZY AND pathetic and i know i am acting absurd. I am truly afraid to open the door as i keep imagining someone on the other side. waiting... i can't wait to have my dogs here with me, hopefully i will feel a lot safer.

This is so weird...
by: Ben

To this day I'm still afraid to shower. I'm afraid that Bruce the Shark from Nemo is going to come in there, it's so weird. It annoys me and I'm sure everyone else. I wish it wasn't this way. I know it's completely irrational and stupid. But I can't help it! I guess I'm just really claustrophobic. But it's weird I have to have music playing to give me peace. I have to have the shower curtain open all the way too. It's been this way since I was very young and saw Finding Nemo in the theaters and went back home to take a bath. I felt like everything was closing in on me and Bruce was wanting to attack me. It's so stupid!

I can help you!
by: Anonymous

It's scary, I freak out in the shower too, but why not take a bath instead? I always find that easier, along with some relaxing music. I used to have my sibling sit on the floor in the bathroom while I shower, but you know... need to get over that lol. I still hesitate, but I usually take baths if I don't want to shower.

I'm only 13
by: Anonymous

I'm only 13 and I am freaking out when I'm in the shower I can't call my friends because my mom yells at me and music isn't helping either what should I do I hate being alone and my cousin is gone tonight so k have no choice but to take on I am afraid that a ghost is in my mirror and yeah and the bathtub makes me feels like something or one will pull me through the drain or kill me knowing I'm not alone feels good but I am so afraid I have to eat
Slowly and clean my room to put off showering I am such a baby and my friends that are guys sit in my room while I shower so yeah help meh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Good to see so many people with this phobia and not just me
by: Anonymous

I'm an 18 year old male and I usually have never had a problem with showering unless I've taken hallucinogens or something the day before. But today I had a snow day away from high school so I was home alone and decided to take a bath to try and relax a bit because I have anxiety. So I run the bath water, get undressed and close the curtain and glass doors as fear inside of me is rising for literally no reason. I then say to myself it's all in my head and make another attempt at relaxing in the tub. It was then the curtain started rolling open slowly and I said maybe it's just the circulation of the wind, soon after a rag dropped into the water in front of me. At this moment I'm just like "NOOOOPE!!" and hurry my way to my feet and open the curtain from the top above the glass doors and as I'm opening the glass doors to get out it happened. Well what happened you might ask? Well, as you already know I was taking a bath, not a shower. As I was lifting my left leg to step out of the shower I felt an extremely cold drop of water on my neck. My shower head dripped water onto my neck and it was at this point all of my muscles constricted; it was just me facing the mirror that I depicted as Satan's release of all evil. I immediately, as quickly as I could got dressed and opened my bathroom door practically having a seizure out of fear. But then I realized it wasn't over. The second I opened my door, my dog; a black lab, was standing there facing me, once again making me shit myself. Now it's over, or again so I thought. I decide to let my dogs out since they were sitting by the door practically asking me to go outside. I then have the urge to pee badly. I close the door behind me while walking into the bathroom and start taking a piss. I got through the piss and as I was reaching to flush the toilet I felt a breath go down my back. I hurried and opened the door, washed my hands, and let my dogs in after standing outside in shorts in -20 degrees Fahrenheit weather with non-dried water still sticking to my legs from the bath earlier to make sure my dogs weren't running off. Since I've let them in I've opened every curtain in my house to let light embody rooms within this home. After doing that I came to my computer desk and now I'm sitting here typing this story. Fuck anxiety.

by: Anonymous

Actually happy so many other people have the same problem. For me it started like 2 years ago and I'm constantly looking out the shower curtain to see if there's like a person or ghost standing there. I have no clue where this started. I hardly watch scary movies or read anything scary. I take showers every morning but as soon as I walked into my bathroom I walked straight out, I have no idea why either....

I'm so stupid
by: Anonymous

I'm So stupid but I'm scared to take a shower I'm scared that when my back is facing the shower head a evil spirit will pull my hair so I fall backwards and die, I always feel I'm being wached but it's really bad in the shower. I live with two boys so Iif bring my cats and my dog and I still freak out and sometimes I start to freak out cause once I saw a long black fingernail come from these tiles that are falling off I think I go crazy when I'm in the shower. But I need to shower every second day but I just can't.

Can't do it
by: Emma

Hey guys I can't get in the shower because I just woke up having a night meat at 2;00 now I'm on my iPad it's about my sister nada she went in to 4 foster homes and she hooped in to the shower with my mom so I quickly garaged everything sharp at least I think and then he stabbed her it was so sad I am crying and I'm only5

by: Anonymous

I've been scared sense I was 8... it's gotton better as I have got on older...big used to neel the shower and plug my ears so I wouldn't here voices that I.thought people would say to me... now a days I open the mirror all the way so I can't see any reflection or put a towel over it and in the shower I constantly look out of the curtain to see if someone's there... I always feel like a.ghost is watching me... I used to have friends comin the bathroom while I took a shower so I feel safe but now I bring my cat in the bathroom :(...
Something to help you not focus on these scary things are think about a different problem and work it out in your mind something that's not scary though.... it was also scary to the shower though cuz a girl down stairs from me was murdered and I think I lived in the murdures apt.

by: Anonymous

iam not a kid...during my childhood my mother made me fear towards shower...from that time i doesnot bathed in my age is 20..what should i do?? i feel scary when i see shower??

by: Anonymous

iam not a kid...during my childhood my mother made me fear towards shower...from that time i doesnot bathed in my age is 20..what should i do?? i feel scary when i see shower??

Omg thank goodness
by: Anonymous

When I'm in the shower, I sometimes need my sister in the bathroom with me. It's childish, I know, but I'm always scared of paranormal things. But I recommend that you know, at least one hundred people are awake in the world, freaking out about a fear that about 99.999999999999999999999999999999% will never happen. Good luck. To me too lol

by: Anonymous

I am so freaked out to take a shower cause i just watched Dont hug me im scared :( Im freaked out cause of that video my brother watched it and it was on kids react and my brother told me to watch it and then i watched it and i thought it was not creepy at all and it was mainly happy except for some parts. then the hollywood set and stuff happened and that was sorta creepy and then they were rlling a heart around in glitter and then the notebook is insane and then they were eating organs in a cake and im scareed help me please :((((( Stuff with organs always scares me like one time i watched this show with my brother and its called invader zim and i like it but the episode i watched had guts and organs even though it was a cartoon i couldnt sleep at night and i was scared of that he was gonna take my organs or my brain and i would die cause in the episode he did that :((((

I see we have something alike... Lol
by: Anon

Hey guys,
I read a butt load of scary stories and i am freaked out now. XD I seriously cannot get in the shower right now! :(

parents gone, need to shower
by: Anonymous

My parents aren't home, so its just me and my dog. I have a sleepover in a few hours and I REALLY need to shower! But I can't find it in my gut to do it after I read a post on instagram about a girl that travels through the drains and kills people in the shower. WHAT DO I DO? My mom is gonna be really mad if I don't shower by the time she's home. How do I get over this fear???

I was so worried it was just me!
by: Anonymous

I'm terrified that some random person will come down stairs to my bathroom and kill me while I'm in the shower! Showers are the place I like to think, but I'd love to not have to think of somebody coming to kill me... Soo glad I'm not alone and that I got this off my chest!

I'm so scared!!!! DX
by: Dani Barrow

I'm so scared that when I'm in the shower someone will be standing in the mirror and will come kill me!!! I'm not scared at the death part only the person in the mirror!!!

Glad I'm not alone
by: So young

Well I'm still scared now a few years ago I saw IT and it was at the sink part where the girls brushing her teeth and the clown gets her and ever since then I've been deathly afraid to get in. The drain only in the shower effects me..... When someone's home with me and the doors open I'm fine but I go into chaos if that's not the case . I'm so glad I'm not the only one. It feels good to talk about it.....

by: Anonymous

I am not afraid of showering, but rather an ax murderer emerging from the shower when I pee. Help!!!!!

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I'm glad to get this off my chest.I read a chain letter on Facebook and it was talking about a girl who comes out of shower drains so I got scared and I haven't taken a shower since.i will like leave the shower curtain open almost all the way.I'm scared someone will kill me so I will sing really loud to block out footsteps.I have to leave the door open all the way and keep checking to see if my mom or dad is still there.sometimes I'll make my friends sit in there with me and talk to me to protect me,it's weird but I get really scared no joke!

thank god
by: Anonymous

thank god i'm not the only one.I fear that if i go into the bathroom to wash my hands look into the mirror and then look into my hands then the mirror again i see some devilish form back of me and try to kill me.Or when i write something like now, on the back of me something or someone try to slit my throat.well this onli happen when im alone.

Im so scared
by: Anonymous

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to shower but I get scared. Sometimes im fine when the door is wide open and my mom is near but sometimes i just get so freaked out. It's probably about ghosts im scared of, thats my biggest fear. I have no ida what to do. Can someone help? :(

Me too
by: Anonymous

Every night i shower thinking somethings gunna pop out of the mirror or someone will kill me with a knife and as soon as im done i run out of the shower

by: Anonymous

Thank god im not alone. Im terrified of the shower. It's definatley bacause of pshyco and the shining. I've never seen either of them but i've read about them. For pshyco I feel like someone is gonna come in with a knife and kill me. For the shining i think someone is gonna write redrum on the wall in the bathroom and when I look in the mirror it'll say murder. One day when I was in the shower I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The my shower knob started shaking. Then my curtain started moving. I like ran out of the shadow. It feels so good for getting this out.

by: Anonymous

I'm soo glad to hear that I'm not the only one with this phobia!!! Whenever I take a shower, I'm scared that a clown is going to come out of the drain and kill me. Or the girl from the Excorsist will come from behind and kill me. I'm also scared of the mirror, that someone will come from behind me and lock the doors so i can't get out. It feels so good to just let it out....I just hope I find a way how to not be scared anymore. I talk on the phone in the shower because I'm so scared......

I'm so glad it's not just me!<3
by: Morgan Faye

I feel the same way about my sister and/or mother killing me in the shower. I actually just posted a story about my fear of someone chopping at my ankles in the shower, with a knife.

same thing
by: Anonymous

wow, i was so convinced it was only me, I don't know how mine started. I've been afaid of being getting in showers since I was little. I'm afraid that someone is going to grab me for behind when i'm not look or kill me. I'm not afraid that someone I know is gonna do it, I know no one is there but it doesn't help.i'm fairly sure its that some kind of boogieman was gonna get me when I was younger and i still have the fear which mindboggles I'll get full on panic attacks and have to get out as quick as possible.. i'll start looking everywhere like a maniac but meditating in my head and trying like hell to distract myself from it works at times to a point..nice to know its not just me who feels so embarassed by this

I was too.
by: Anonymous

I once watched the part in that clown movie, when I was very little, where this guy is showering, and the clown pops up in the shower through the drain. Ever since then, until just maybe two years ago, I was very afraid to shower, mostly in the shower that's also a bathtub... I was always really fearful of turning away from the drain, in fear of something coming our of it.

by: Anonymous

It's probably the movie. Even if you've never seen the full length film, you've probably seen the clip on TV, the internet, or heard about it.
I have paranoia, and so I go through many, many different phobias (in lovely little phases wrapped in a ribbon.) Once I was afraid of the shower...actually, a couple times. Once I was deathly afraid of getting out of the shower (I was very young, no idea why.) Another time I was afraid of someone stabbing me in the shower or something, so I'd take a bath instead.
I'm over both now (like I said, phases.)

by: Anonymous

I think maybe you saw the movie "Psycho" when you were young, and it terrified you, so you repressed the memory of viewing it; but kept the fear of the most horrifying scene in the film--a man stabbing his mother to death in the shower, I believe. I'm not sure, I've never seen it; but I myself am also slightly fearful of showers--and forget bathtubs!

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