Scared Being Tickled

by Siobhan

I'm just so scared of being tickled. I'm very ticklish, so everyone thinks it's so funny. I will be laughing, but sometimes I laugh out of fear.

When someone tries to tickle me, I usually slap them. People can't even puts their hands around my ankle because when I was little, my dad would grab my ankle and tickle my feet, I would be screaming and crying, but he thought I was laughing. It's not his fault though, he didn't mean it like that.

I can't go through one day without being afraid. I'm afraid to relax, let down my guard, uncross my legs, to not have my back against something, and lift up my arms when there's people around.

I can't sleep on my back, being afraid that I'll be tickled in my sleep, I feel safer sleeping on my stomach. Sometimes, when I'm dreaming, I'll be tickled in my dream. When I wake up, I'm afraid to go back to sleep.

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