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For Real!
by: Anonymous

I hear ya! I have the same problem!? It sucks because I'm always getting asked out, even by a guys I liked, but I said no and threw a panic attack!? I never understood it! I see all my friends running off dating, going to dances and parties, but all I do is sit and be afraid. I'm not jealous, I'm happy for them, I figured it's not for me (or I'm a lesbian, tested that out no, no. Friends is fine) so yeah it sucks. I wonder if I met a guy with the same problem, would that work?

by: Anonymous

I am the exact same way! The guy I am with now is amazing! He understand me and truly wants to make me happy. Ive know him since preschool and I really like him! The other day he was going to ask me out and I freaked out and made tons of excuses why I didn't want to when in reality I have no idea why! I'm scared but can't describe what it is..

by: Anonymous

I am the same exact way. i always meet freat guys and i freak out every time and leave them. i finally found one i could be normal around, but he left me for my best friend. i've been crushed ever since and unwilling to open up.

Love has that fear
by: Shadowchick

I would love for someone to post a comment with an explanation for this. The boy that I love has something similar, but his fear is hurting me if we actually do start dating. So I guess he doesn't have a fear of actually dating, but rather if it ends badly.

Almost same problem
by: Chris

IO'm almost the same but I just cant face girls and it has nothing to do with their ... you know what I mean but i'm 16. Your gender just makes me feel sick. (Not meaning to be offencive email me if you get this messige and mabey we can talk.

my adress is cbstorm at


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