Roller coasters and HEIGHTS

Alright,so I'm a 14 year old girl,who is about to be going on a Six Flags trip.With her class.In a few days.(I just kinda need to vent) Well,since I'm pretty fearless,brave,DAUNTLESS,I don't want to turn down a fun trip like this and make my friends think of me as a wimp.But when it comes to heights and roller coasters,I'm absolutely done.I've never even been on a water ride before,in fear of....heights,speed,falling out--the list never ends! Am I the only one who is this terrified? And how can I overcome it before the trip? Because i really want to have fun.Keep in mind I've never even been on a water ride,and now my friends are trying to drag me onto The Roar,Superman,Batwing,Jokers Jinx..blah blah blah.You get the point.I'm so,so scared!

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