Roller Coaster Phobia

by vickie
(Blackstone, Virginia)

I was newly married in 1991, weighed in at 118lbs and my husbands family went to Six Flags Houston. I was having the time of my life on all rides (including roller coasters). As we know all rides have shoulder and or lap harnesses that hold you in snugly. On their Texas Cyclone wooden roller coaster it was a lap bar. With my tiny frame the bar was 4 inches from touching me; closed as tightly as possible. After we started my husband noticed how loose the bar was and of course it gave way another 2 inches for when you obtained zero gravity. We got halfway through the ride and he leaned into me and picked me up out of the seat and acted as if he was going to throw me out. After that ride all I did was throw up when I seen another one, even just a kiddie ride. Even going on a ski lift, tram ride, and ferris wheel terrify me and I refuse. Even climbing on my roof to rake off leaves scares me (I am a carpenters daughter and never was scared of heights). I have went to several amusement parks where I was hoping to get on rides but my fear takes over: shaking, fast heartbeat, dry mouth, shallow breathing. I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA and my employee's bet me to ride every ride I could but I at least had to ride "The Griffon". The more I thought about riding again, the worse it got. Facing the ride, I was weak at the knee's: Getting on the ride, I was petrified and asked to be let out but it was too late. After the ride stopped, both of my friends had to get me out of the seat and hold me up. As we were walking my legs gave out, shaking uncontrollably, crying, making myself breathe. It took me over 2 hours to be able to walk again. I have a really good friend who loves roller coasters and I would LOVE to ride them also. Even typing this down has got me in a tizzy and I want so much to be able to go. Anything to do with roller coasters and heights scare me so bad; scale of 1 to 10= 1000 for me. Thank you for listening.
Vickie in Virginia

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