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i knowww
by: Anonymous

im 12 and im goin to the fair in two weeks my friends have all ridden the rides in busch garden and the worst ride i've ridden have been jurassic park and the wood one in disneyworld. my friends always tell me nothings gonna happen but im just scared of going down a rollercoaster because i always slide a little cuz im short and i feel like im gonna fall off. yea clossing ma eyes helps me forget wer im at but i still slide a little and feel it lol we're wusses

rides phobia
by: Anonymous

i get really nervous and scared whenever i see a ride infront of me and soon i am going disneyland i am soo scared and when i am on the ride i get the horrible feeling in my stomach and i feel like i wont survive it even if it is a small ride i cant stand speed i dont know wot it is!!!

by: Anonymous

im 13 and iv only ever been on kiddie sort but i did go on a fun fair one where it twists up side down and stuff and all the way through i had to close my eyes and inmagin i was somewhere els it work but i realy didnt have fun but i im going disenyland soon and im going to go one the least scareist and get more over them then im going to work my way up.

Fear for Years
by: Anonymous

Yea, im glad that im not the only one that has this problem, but its not like riding rollercoasters is something that you have to do. its completly optional, so if your family either 1. make comments like "oh come on, give it a try", "everyone in the world LOVES rollercoasters", or "Lets do "child-switch", even when youre in high school and have a paying job(good opportunity to get a snack and have time for yourself). They don't have to make comments like that, if you have a younger sibling and youre parents were somewhere, than they might take advantage of being younger and say theyre lonely. ive been dealing with this for years, i really dont know when it started, sometime when i was 6, but it lasts to this day. When i was a kid, i was afraid of falling off. Now its due to over self consciousness and being afraid of life flashing before your eyes. I know some people can relate to this somewhere out there. Here are some tips: Listen to some music on ipod or mp3 ,if you have wireless headphones that is. Ive never tried it, but i think that will help.

coaster phobia
by: Anonymous

hi i'm really scared to go on this roller coaster that is in england at fantasy island at ingoldmels called the jubilee odyssey if you watch some vids on youtube you would know why i'm scared and if you could can you help me with my fear

iam scared 2
by: Anonymous

iam 15 and ever since i was little i was scared to ride roller coasters i just don't know what happen i just have a fear go over me i think all bad thought when iam about to get on the ride i really want to get over my fear

by: Anonymous

Im only 12 and im not sure how my friends are gonna react when I go to a theme park with ma school.
The last roller coaster I rode on was the big dipper at blackpool and that was really scary as i started slipping and thought I was gonna fall out.

Me 2
by: Anonymous

Omg im so glad im not the only one.
See we're going to a theme park on Friday 10th July and im really scared because of how my friends will treat meif i dont go on the roller coasters.
Im only 12 but i went on the big dipper last year and i started slipping and thought i was gonna fall off!

by: Anonymous

the only roller coster i ever rode was the little kid one and i still freaked out. i cant go to amusment parks cuz i wont ride any of the rides... it reallt suxs cuz u cant have fun at all. i dont think there is a name becuz i have checked, but maybe there is. i just read that there is a phobia for cotton balls! my brother is really afraid!

omg yeah!
by: samantha

i feel the same way, im 14 almost 15 and none of my friends get that im scared to ride on these things. it not the heights its more of when it is going down, i just dont like the feeling in my stomach. and i cant seem to shake it off. it sucks.

fear of roller coasters
by: Anonymous

I'm 16 and have the same thing. It doesn't bother me for water parks or water rides, but roller coasters or any of those rides that mess with your center of gravity scare me too much to go on them. It sucks and I hate having to sit out when my friends go on them.

by: Anonymous

You guys are not alone. I'm 16 and all of my family and friends never seem to understand, I've been forced on my share of fast rides. Not memories I like to embrace. Everyone always thinks I'm over reacting and that I'm being dramatic. Everytime I go to the fair or anywhere with rollercoasters and fast rides, I'll stand in the lines with my friends trying to tell myself it's no big deal, but at the end I always chicken out. I've actualy gotten to the point that I make the ride attendent get me out right before the ride starts. I don't know why I freak out so much. I hate ruining all of my friends and family's fun. Sometimes one of them would miss out on the ride just to keep me company.

i feel the same way
by: Anonymous

For this holloween weekend my cousin invided me to go with her and her friends to bush garden but i had to say no. the wierd thing is that im not scared of water park. but i have this phovia for heights.

me to!
by: Anonymous

my gf wants me to go.this weekend but im so freakin scared
bc i dont wanna be all frozen
and even when i close my eyes it just gets even worse so ugh idk!

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