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Roller coaster phobia?

There is no exact term that could induce a roller coaster phobia to the coaster enthusiasts.


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However, for those actually frightened to have a roller coaster ride are not turned by any pleas. They would surely look for a compatriot who is even more terrified of the coasters.

For most of them it is hard to deal with high speeds and strong forces. Further those scared of height would surely have the worst experience of their life.

It might sound illogical to prevent yourself the greatest rushes available in this world.

Moreover, you would feel more incompetent, not being able get over the roller coaster phobia.

For most children the fear of thrill rides is based on the sense of danger. In adults, there are several thwarters who suffer from fear of roller coasters. They are panicked of being secured into a small car with their feet suspended above the pedestrian's.

Now if you are one of those experiencing a highly pulsating heart with your palms sweating, labored breathing, fear of dying, rapid heartbeat and anxiety, you are definitely a victim of roller coaster phobia.

Thinking about riding this monstrosity would drive you into a different state of mind when you would realize extreme fear and panic. Just a long stare at the roller coaster would immediately dissuade from getting into it.

Standing before the shadow of the coaster would lead you into a different state of mind.

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Tips To Deal With Roller Coaster Phobia
Although its insurmountable task to get over your roller coaster phobia, however if you are willing to take chances for an exciting ride, have a go at some of the following suggestions.

Make up your mind before a ride that roller coasters are meant to be scary, since it's all about fun. Put it into your mind that roller coasters are safe and that it would be over within a few seconds.

You need to be armed with information - experts estimate that only one out of every 250 million theme park visitors are injured on rides each year. Further the safety inspection system conducts thorough inspections to ensure maximum safety for the riders.

The relaxations techniques could help to annihilate the symptoms of your phobia. Try to breath slowly, close your eyes and imagine about something visually comforting and relaxing such as sitting on an empty beach in the warm sun.

If you are religiously inclined, meditation or prayer might be helpful. Develop an optimistic mechanism to cope up with the fear.

All these techniques are based on your ability to control your mind and actions. However, the roller coaster phobia may not be as easy to tackle.

Self Help Phobia Treatment Techniques
For better treatment, you can use Self-help NLP phobia treatment techniques. It is truly a make believe procedure, which can change your mental set up helping to fight your intense roller coaster fear.

My innovative Phobia Treatment Program can successfully eradicate your fear about roller coaster and allow you better understanding of the conditions.

Your phobia can definitely be eliminated with self-help NLP cure, and you would easily have a joy ride on any roller coaster.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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