Roach phobia

by Lori
(Orlando, Fl)

I just moved from Louisiana to Florida. AFTER moving here and before summer hits, I learned that roaches, or the pretty name they call them,"palmetto bugs" are rampant here. I did say I am from Louisiana, so yeah, we have them there- but for 10 years, I rarely if every saw them where we lived or even outside.

I was excited b/c we bought this lovely home with a screened in pool- a foreclosure. It is in great condition but had lots of overgrown landscaping. It was cut back before we moved in. We have about 15 feet of woods behind us. Can you feel this getting worse?

I have ony been in this home 2 weeks,and seen only 1 outside roach before we moved in or had the exterminator come. But everyone keeps stresseing how BAD it is here: that I will see them on my door step and they will cling to the screen of the pool. One person told me she woke to one on her face.

I have a TRUE roach phobia. I am not interested in deconditioning myself after reading about HOW. I just want them all to be outside of my world- go away and just DIE.

I will not kill them myself- my husband has been called home from work to kill them for me-this happened 2x in 16 years.

I will pack it up and leave the house before killing it and won't return home till my poor hubby shows me proof that it is dead. Cuz i won't sleep.

I bathed with one when I was 12- he was under the bubbles and wasn't there before. I think this is why I am phobic of them- one second they are no where and the next they are there, scaring the sh-- out of you.

Since we have been here, just over 2 weeks- I can't sleep, I take the fastest showers ever b/c I am scared one will get on me, I am CONSTANTLY, even as I type this, looking at the walls and ceiling around me. I have the willies and anytime I feel anything brush by, I look to see if it is one there.

I am sad for my hubby, doing everything for me in his power- cutting back huge trees and bushes, about to lay borax everywhere in the yard, buying those sonar plug in thingy's that are supposed to deter them. He sees my unhappiness and it frustrates him-esp cuz the move was for his job.

I had HIGH hopes for living in Florida- we are close to Disney, my favorite vacation spot.

They had a couple roaches dead outside and the neighbor called them "sleepers"- if they have names for them like that-heck, i believe it is gonna be BAD and I am scared to death. I feel I am falling into a depression. My disappointment is HUGE. I just may wear a borax suit. Those f--kers need to stay away from me. They truly make me mad. I wish they'd all head back the hell they bring to my life.

I wanna be happy. They are ruining my life. No sleep makes me even more phobic.

Thanks for listening.

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