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I so understand you ! ! !
by: Edgar

I so understand where you are coming from, im the same way in my house. One day i came from my friends house i opened the door and i saw a big one walking around the living room lol i closed the door and went back to my friends house until my parents got home and killed it SMH !

theirs help
by: Anonymous

Palmetto bugs r those big ones huh??? Oh hell no I'll move to alaska in that case... I live in california whjch isnt too hot but those fuckers r everywhere. the other day i went to home depot n bought boric acid, gel baits and the blk boxes with bait and i moved everything in my rm and put the boric acid in all the outside of the carpet, gel bait behing the bed, the dressers everywhere n they work fine... I can turn the tv off now but i still sleep with the lamp on i always have since my daughter was born but i feel a bit more at ease now since i havent seen any

by: Brenda

omg! U just described my paranoid symptoms im awake looking everywhere as i type. I never turn the tv off at night time bc i feel like i wont see them and my paranoia is getting worst since i have a 2 month old daughter so im up watching none would get in our bed (its jst me n her) this phobia of mine is scarying me bc im drinking sleeping pills i jst cant lay dwn without feeling all this feelings of them getting on me... :(

I feel your pain
by: Rachel

I just had a "palmetto bug" crawl on me the other day. I am still having problems with that. Ironically, I'm a therapist and work with patients who have post-traumatic-stress syndrome.
I'm from Alabama, and they are bad there, too. I love the South, especially Florida, but this is definitely my biggest struggle here. I have gone to a therapist about my phobia when I was in college, so I understand your issue.

It is something I constantly struggle with. I have no problems with spiders or snakes. I am constantly looking around and checking corners, etc. I have had a few false alarms, which makes me even more paranoid.

You are not alone. And Raid is your friend.

I can be reached at rmatthews at

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