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Feel the same
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am exactly the same as you. I have been feeling like this for years. To make matters worse they is a cat at the bottom of my street that wonders about the street and is becoming a but over friendly I am petrified to go out my house now, this fear is now being past onto my little boy that is 3 years old, I don't want him to be like my as this is making my life a living nightmare that I have panic attacks. No one else understands. I am glad you have this page so that I understand more people are like me

by: Anonymous

You're not alone. Terrified is an understatement for how I feel about them. I have no idea why.

cat girl
by: Hayley

Hi my name is Hayley and I have had cats all my life. Since I was four. I am 25 now. Altho I dont particularly understand your fear I understand phobias as I have a fear of spiders: more common and more ridiculous than a fear of cats. What can a spider do to me? nothing but I am scared anyway. Cats are lovely attentive animals. I know you know this but there is nothing to be afraid of. In all my years of owning cats I have never been bitten once. scratched tho but as long as you learn the signs of a cat getting annoyed then your fine. My auntie has a fear of cats. she came round to our house once and buttons my cat came in the room and of course lay down by the nice warm fire. My auntie was terrified. Then as butons moved to adjust herself to get the perfect amount of heat (of course) she screamed. To be honest buttons had not even noticed my auntie was even there til she started screaming. I know this is not great advice but all im saying I understand phobias but believe me any cat that you see will not hurt you. right now im sitting beside my lovely cat buttons whos 19 years old had her since i was six shes arthritic and snores like a gorilla very amusing when your trying to watch some tv. All the best and good luck.


Fining for Letting Cats Out?
by: Helena

I'm sorry, but that's kinda odd. Dogs and cats have different natures, and therefore domesticated dogs are fine with being confined to a certain radius without supervision. Domesticated cats, however, are far more territorial and wreak less havoc (assuming they're neutered/spayed) when they do what they always do as felines. Canines are on leashes for a reason, miss.
A phobia of cats is understandable and difficult to live with as cats are usually kept as pets. Changing a law so that it benifits no more than one being in a certain area is simply ridiculous.

my aunt
by: Anonymous

My aunt had a fear of cats, because they shed and she didn't like that. I liked cats because I was scared of dogs.

I'm like gonna be that old cat lady someday who doesn't have any kids and tons of cats and swears at the children walking on my property.

thinking of you
by: Anonymous

Hi there I know just how you feel I have had a phobia of cats since i was very young and I also have to ask people before i call do you have a cat. I go crazy if I see one coming near me, I remember about 20 years ago I stood in the street and screamed the place down as I was just near one. funny you always think you are the only one, Thinking of you.

by: Heather

Ihave a phobia of cats too andfeelexactlythe same as you do. I wouldliketo talk to you if you are willing to try and help one another overcome this horrible phobia.

Myemail address is hevans44 at

you're not alone
by: stephanie

i'm in my twenties, and i've had this phobia for at least seven yrs now. i actually don't bother making friends with ppl who have cats in their home, as i know i will never be able to go to their houses, and sometimes, i make people clean their hands with disinfectant before they touch me, if i know they've touched a cat within the past couple of hours.

i get what u mean about sounding like a freak, a lot of ppl don't understand this phobia and yes i agree with u that cats should be left in homes. no actually, i just wish cats didn't have to exist in this world.

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