rediculous fear of floating into the sky through loss of gravity

by emma
(england essex)

I remember so deeply being made to lie down in physical education at infant school age (doing relaxation exercises) looking up at the tall hall ceiling in the school. I could not look directly at the ceiling, I felt so vulnerable, imagining if the tiles would fall on me. Why I dont know.

also I would lie with friends on a hot sunny day in the garden on a towel and not being able to look at the sky. I kept feeling that earth would suddenly lose all gravity and i would float away with nothing to cling onto to hold me down. I know it sounds so rediculous and i dont really tell people that this is a major problem for me.

If im around people but in a sparse crowd i feel too free and open in my enviroment. I went to virgin festival in chelmsford essex england a few years ago surrounded by crowds of people and i was absolutley fine. makes no sense.

I can walk down the street, i feel fine but at certain times it suddenly dawns on me how vulnerable i am as a human being on this earth and that gravity could just disapear and i could somehow float away, no one to grab me, nothing to cling too and i could just end up floating into space. I know it sounds crazy no one really knows all this and i am normal in other areas of my life just this.

Today i went with people to a really open grassy land park just four of us. as i walked through trees etc i felt fine, almost protected, then we arrived at a lake where we stopped. suddenly i looked around me and felt like if gravity disapeared im going to float away! I just wanted to leave but didnt want to say anything to anyone about it because its so rediculous!

for the first time today i typed into google fear of looking up and fear of loss of gravity and it seems others share these rediculous fears!

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