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What is it Called
by: Jonathon

What is this fear called? I have it too and I want to know.

I share your fear.
by: Corey

I have the exact same feelings in the same situations. I recently visited the burj kalifa in Dubai and had to make an excuse to go back inside as I had a horrible feeling I was gonna just take off and float past the tower. Sounds and is absolutely crazy but guess I'm not the only one.....

fear of falling into the sky
by: Carley

I also have this fear its so bad I cant even leave my house and when I do I freak out like a pshyco in the car nothing has helped me if anyone uas any advice that would be great I also suffer with sever anxiety and depression so anybody have any tips this sucks and I know its impossible to fall into the sky

Terrified of the night sky
by: Jack

As long as I can remember I have had a fear of endless space above my head and the fear of gravity failing someway to hold me down on the ground. This is only the night sky as I have no problem In the daytime. I have no fear of heights and I love to fly. If I forget to get the mail before dark, I cannot go outside to get it until morning. It's crazy. I am 71 years old.

by: BP

Like the rest of you I'm overwhelmed to realise I'm not the only one!! Mine started when I was lying in my garden looking up at the sky when I was about 13-14. I remember thinking "imagine if the gravity went and I went flying up into space" - I don't think it started at that point though. I think it started with the trauma of taking magic mushrooms around that age, having a 'bad trip' and feeling utter utter panic and fear. I think my brain linked the two together. Now, it affects my life. I cant do the beach or holidays as the fear overtakes me. I've actually considered taking a dog chain on holiday which I can attach to something secure and then sunbathe holding on to it - INSANE!! So apparently it's called Barophobia, and WE ARE NOT ALONE. I'm researching therapies now and will report back if I find anything.

Welcome to weird world
by: WorryGuy

Hi I'm really happy I found this site and at the same time sad because we are suffering like this it really reduced the quality of our life. My situation is whenever I jump and look up at the sky i feel like falling or floating. Is there anyone here suffers as mine?

by: Lily

Wow I always thought I was the only one who had this fear! I'm always embarrassed to tell people tho because they will think I'm crazy! My fear tends to kick in when I'm in a open area or space like a field, beach, something that dosen't have any shelter near I attend to freak out normally. I was never like this when I was young when I hit my teenage years that's when it started to happen. I'll just all the sudden think I'm going to float up and I get the really weird feeling in my body and it's almost like I'm having a panic attack.

by: Cheyenne

wow the first time i've read anything like I experience. Mine first hit me sitting top of the hill in Delores park. The automatic sense I was about to fall upward, I literally grabbed onto handfuls of grass and could sense that wasn't going to be enough to keep me held to the earth.

it happens mid conversation with people and I start to not know what I'm saying and consciously depart. I'm sure the people I'm speaking with wonder what the F is wrong with me. my eyes bulge and I stare at the floor. happens indoors sometimes which is like the safest place usually. so that sucks.

I also notice it's more likely to happen when hungover.

when the ground around me become lower than is the worst as well, driving in tunnel. It all the sudden looks like i'm driving on the ceiling. I worry it's going to cause an accident sometimes I have to drop the sun visor and focus on the road immediately in front of me.

although it's somewhat comforting to read other people experience this and i'm not a freak, and sounds primarily related to stress or panic like attacks. all I ask is WTF?

I wonder how many here would consider themselves artists like myself or over active imaginations. I sometimes wonder if being able to imagine it so well works agains us. My friends can't really understand what I explain to them.

Anyone found anything to help with this
by: Anonymous

I have had this feeling come and go over the years. I believe there is something underlying emotionally that causes this. Has anyone found anything to help cope with it. I have the issue mostly at night being outside. I feel anxiety/panic attacks. I realize its ridiculous and that I wont float away but I still panic. Would love to find a way to cope or get to a place where I'm not bothered.

by: Anonymous

Yes I have had this fear for a very long time as well! I had nightmares about floating into the sky as a child and as I got older I started having the fear in my real life. Beaches, wide open deserts, that sort of thing.

I've found that I need to distract myself in these situations so I don't panic. My trick is to try to do math problems in my head. It's something for my brain to concentrate on other than floating and if I can just not think about floating for 10-15 seconds, the anxiety usually fades. The repetitive cycle in my brain is broken. That's how I look at it anyway.

So glad to know I'm not alone!

by: katie

When my depression gets particularly bad I get recurring nightmares about this and it's absolutely horrible. I'll start floating up slowly and end up grasping at anything and everything only to end up drifting into space. Other people in these dreams are always grounded and they can't help me.

It's a small comfort to know I'm not alone in this, and I second the comments saying it's probably more emotionally based.

Meee toooo!!!!!
by: Landon

I have the exact same thing. Sometimes I will walk outside and just gut a weird feeling in my stomach and feel light like I'm going to float away but get too scared to run like that's only going to make it worse

Fear of losing gravity
by: Jaydee

I also have this fear.. specially on open spaces and open fields.. My mind says it won't happened but I still fear for it..

What's the best solution to this fear?

have been plagued by this my entire life
by: Anonymous

I read somewhere that this may be an inner ear disorder.

Glad I am not the only one.

fear of floating
by: Glenn

You have no idea how relieved reading this page has made me feel.
I've always had a fear of heights. Being up on a tall building will make my knees hurt...I can almost envision myself jumping off. day I was looking up at a clear sky...and asked myself "What would happen if gravity let go?"
I could envision myself floating away...and I have to get inside somewhere.
It doesn't happen all the time...but enough for me to be embarrassed tot tell anyone about it.
What would you call it....rapture-phobia?

Same here
by: Samuel

I've fineally found out what this is. Since i was a toddler i couldn't be in a field or at the sea when the coast is far out im 11 and earlier this year we went on holiday and the coast was VERY far out causing me to cling to my dad literally crying.
Im just happy that im not alone as it happand during a rugby session earlier today and all the time. im just happy ive found my answer as im leaving this website in my toolbar

It's anoying
by: Zacky

Mine started a few years ago but only started getting worse recently, it started happening only when I was near a lake or ocean, looking out, then I could not look a planes or helicopters while outside, now its to the point that i cant even be in my own yard for to long without getting the fear, it sounds insane but its true and im so sick of it, its more annoying then anything.

by: Anonymous

I get this sensation it's a nightmare if You are on holiday especially ,I know I will find a solution I've also had this mad floating dropping space less feeling in relaxation in yoga

a fear of falling
by: Anonymous

I to have some what of the same problem i can't be next to tall buildings and i can't go in to buildings with tall ceillings im afraid ill float up then fall back down and die on impact i wonder what causes this fear i even can't go out on high balconys im afraid ill fall down and die on impact

fear of the sky
by: Allan

yep, i've have suffering from this fear for many years. It began when i was a child i believe, but i always did a great job in hiding it. dealing with this sickness is very hard, it prevents me from living life the way id like to. I have a teenage son, and it's tough to even do things with him, I'm a young 45 year old man and feel like i lost out on alot of great years, I'm on medications for the anxiety and phobias, this fear also makes the fear of death much stronger in my case. I simpy feel better and much more secure in closed in spaces. the sky, tall buildings,going to far from my home and wide open spaces bother me, some days worse then others! It's sad to say but i do feel better to know others understand it, by going threw it and from reading your comments. If anyone wants to talk, i'm open for support as we all should be to try to get threw this, "we don't deserve to suffer, life should'nt be scary.

by: Anonymous

i thought i was going crazy its actually a phobia or fear your imagination is strong i remember i would feel like i was having a panic attack on the room when i looked into the sky or in an open field with nothing around to lean on or grab onto im over it now it dies down after time.

by: Anonymous

I have this stupid fear too. It's called Barophobia. It's ruining my life I hate being in large buildings with a high ceiling. Also hate being in fields etc. It's so awful I want to go back outside again but this fear is so strong. I'm just thinking if I ever did float into the sky due to the loss of gravity it wouldn't be just me it would be everyone else on the Earth too lol The gravity fear was brought on by drug use. I was smoking a drug called Salvia which made me feel like I was floating away into the sky and ever since then I've had this fear.

by: Maya

I have this fear too!!! I keep thinking im going to just float away. I always need someone with me, so just in case if i do start floating, I can grab onto their arm and they can pull me down!Like WTF? How does my brain come up with this stuff? This problem is really scaring me and i just want it to go away! Any techniques on getting rid of this fear???

i thought i was the only one
by: Anonymous

I remember my first encounter was in elementary school & i was outside for recess, and i looked up and then i freaked out cause i just knew gravity was going to disappear. I fell to the ground and held on to the grass like it was going to keep me it seems silly, but i still as an adult cant do it.

Im glad its not just me too
by: emma

I also have a fear of flying too! It must go hand in hand with my floating upwards fear!

Me too
by: Rob

I've had this fear too, since I was about 11. It's still with me but tends to be worse when I'm feeling emotionally vulnerable or low. It has got progressively worse since I visited the Grand Canyon when I was about 23. I also hate flying and have a fear of heights. An absolute nightmare and although I feel sorry for you all, I am glad it's not just me....

by: emma

I agree demi guilt, shame, emptyness...

sense of guilt can cause this
by: demi

i too share the same fear, fearing that the globe would fall into fathomless void in the uncharted nowhere of the ever expanding universe, as a reasonable man I too consider it ridiculous, but undeniably I can hardly dismiss my fear. i still live with it everyday. well you might want to try singing "He Got The Whole World In His Hand" when the panic attacks :D
I'd say anxiety attack is by far the description there is.

by: Anonymous

Wow I can't believe others have this fear. I thought I was the only "strange" person out there with this fear. I just someone for the first time about my fear a week ago. I was so embarrassed. I thought no one would ever understand this fear. Any how I was reading a few things and I think the name might be Barophobia.

by: Emma

Hi James, thanks for sharing,

I wrote a comment back but it did not seem to go through,

Basically I have come to think that phobias are a mask that hide subconscious life problems, such as relationship probs, family issues, the effects of being bullied, feeling out of control of your life etc etc (if you get my drift).

I understand a fear of spiders is probably not going to be about the above because you can physically see why some people are scared of them, even a fear of heights is rational, i.e: if you fall of a cliff you can die or be seriously injured etc

but the fear of floating up into the sky is some what different its not rational at all!!! thats why it could be alot deeper! please
reply back anytime

could be a mask
by: Emma

Hi James,

I think try and look deeper than just the fear, the phobia may just be a mask that is disguising deeper emotions such as family issues, relationship probs, fear of abandonment or feeling out of control of your life. I know that all of the above in some way has contributed to my fears! (as I have many). Thanks for sharing and feel free to answer! It feels so much better to know there are other people who share this kind of phobia!


is there a cure
by: james

This is so weird I really thought I was the only one. I get so scared sometimes I like traveling and when I am in a car or plane there is no problem but like today I went out with my family and i started feeling like this was the moment i would goi am not a writer I just felt so helpless
If there is a cure please let me know therapy a pill I am desperate

thanks for all the responses so far!
by: Emma

I don't know the name of this fear but its possible (just maybe) after researching alot that it could be as simple as vertigo!

On the other hand, my fears written above are real to me and I feel there must be something more to this than just a mere lack of feeling of balance, maybe subconscious underlying memories of something buried that come out in these fears,

Thanks for all your responses it makes me feel alot better that others have experienced some of my fears too, that its not just me!

by: Anonymous

i have this fear too, hate going into open areas because i fear i will float into space, and im scared of heights so that would be terrifying

I think I have Anablephobia too.
by: Peter A

It's probably the adrenaline in your body and high blood pressure, plus a fear of heights that causes this unusual fear of looking up at the sky. When I was little, I wasn't really scared of going up any hills or looking up at the clouds way up in the air, but I am now. I also dislike walking across high road bridges like the North Bridge in Edinburgh, which has a pavement to walk on too. I'm never scared to look up at the sky when it is dark, though. How come?

Wow, me too!
by: Anonymous

OMG! i typed it in today and I've been telling people that there HAS TO be other people who share my fear!!! Good to kow I've found others!

you're not alone...
by: Anonymous

This makes me feel so much better to know other people feel this too. I can't stand to be in open fields and look up at the sky. Sometimes I will have these miniature anxiety attacks because I just develop this overwhelming sense of hopelessness. This happens especially at night. I will look up at the stars, think about how massive the universe is, then start shaking in fear, thinking gravity will shift and I'm done for. I can't develop any sentences. The only thing I'm focused on is running inside a building, while at the same time it feels like I'm about to just start floating towards the cosmos. I need to get prescribed xanax... haha

especially on bridges...
by: Anonymous

I suffer from this too, It's weird, right? I was talking too a friend on a bridge once and the feeling that I was about to go skywards suddenly came over me. I had to immediately grab the railing in order to maintain some kind of concentration in order to listen to my pal.

I find when my life is in a state of stress that my symptoms tend to be worse. The strange thing is it starts with a feeling and that it cannot be pinned down.

by: Anonymous

i have this fear as well, it kicks in when im at any big open areas, like the beach. i get so nervous i almost bolt like a maniac towards shelter, like at the beach i would bolt towards a store

I know what you mean.
by: Anonymous

Wow, I can somewhat relate to this.
I don't have these fears but I have had many nightmares about the situation you described.
And they were really clear, lucid dreams too, so it felt real to me.
I had a nightmare once where I was in an elevator and then suddenlt it felt like everything just turned upside down and the elevator was heading up instead of down, I could even feel the gravity.
It was pretty scary obviously.
In real life I can imagine it happening, but you know it's just impossible for it to really happen.
But I have some nights where I lay in bed and stare at the ceiling and wonder, what if gravity was gone, would the whole house just float away into space?
It's funny though because we would really float instead of flying really fast into space or wherever.

the fear
by: Anonymous

i have the same fear to always dreaming that im falling off earth, and when im out and about i get the feeling that im going to float away!!!!

by: Roxy don't know how relieved I am to know I am not the only one with this you know what it's called?

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