Real fear of Odd Numbers

by Kingofheartz

I have a real fear of Odd numbers, The main odd Number I fear the most is 5 and then 3.

I always had this fear even when growing up however it became much worse as I inherited more of this fear from my mother. Her number she feared the most was 9 (Nine).

She died aged 69, in 2007. So yeah her fear turned out to be justified.

For me it is anything related to an odd number. But most anything related with 5 or 3.

I hate May! as it is the 5th month. I hate the 5th day in the week.

I hate number 3 because trouble always comes in 3's.

I hate Thursdays because it is the 5th day in the week.

S1. M2.T.3.w4.T5.F6.S7

While school my days on thursday always sucked bad luck always happened on that day the most. Work I found hard, or got into more Arguments with people or things didn't go a certain way. Now I'm petrified that I'm going to die at 65 or some age with 5 in it.

I refuse to reconize the current year. It's 2012 part 2 for me. 2 odd numbers together that add up to an even number are not so bad for me but still unlucky. Like 15 35. Except for 55

Couple of weeks ago my wife and I kept noticing the same digit on the clocks at home 1.11 or 3.33. 2.22. It spooked me out because everytime I we saw them they would be always old numbers. I was quietly panicking when we saw 5.55. It made me think constantly of what it could mean. For me that was a really bad sign 3! 5! both numbers I hate.

I wish I could just sleep through this year. Everything went so well and Good luck happened to everyone around me. Soon as Jan 1 hit things turned ugly or less pleasant for people around here.

I'm not going to be able to get over this fear nothing is going to get out of my mind that Mom's fear of 9 came back to haunt her and got her. I will always hate and fear old numbers.

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