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major list of phobias
by: Anonymous

I have a major list of phobias: - Santa, clowns, spiders, needles and small dark spaces. And there just the normal phobias

I don't like odd numbers or even numbers that when divided get to an even number

by: samantha.

i love old people, my favorite # is 7 and like mentally handicapped people can not help it? why fear them?
But then again, I am terrified of clowns and people who have like amputated arms or whatever, their little stubbles make me totally uneasy and I get anxiety and cry.

Odd numbers.
by: Lukey


Just randomly came across your article. I have a fear of odd numbers unless they are divisible by three.

I'm not sure exactly what this means but I've heard it has links to OCD however mild.

As for retarded or handicapped people, they make me feel uncomfortable which in then turn makes me feel self conscious and I suppose guilty which then of course exacerbates the situation. I wouldn't be too worried there tho.

Anywho, just thought I'd let you know your not alone with your feelings.


by: sexy girl

i;m afraid of all those and clowns.

the fear of needles and odd numbers.
by: Anonymous

i am also afraid of odd numbers and needles.
one day i just began to hate odd numbers.
and nothing can be left on an odd number like
the microwave or the time i get off the phone.
and i am afraid of needles probably from being
in the hospital so miuch when i was younger.

~Raquel 16 years old.

nothing new
by: Anonymous

You're just afraid of those who are 'different'. (I'd think the odd number phobia would point this out?)

There's no reason to be, day you'll be old. Are you going to be afraid of yourself?

Me Too
by: Michelle C.

Dude, im afraid of old ppl too, like if im around them, im really quiet, and I just want them to go away. They are just too... OLD!

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