by wendy

I am deathly afraid of fire. It started a couple of yrs ago when a family member set fire to a house and killed the owner. This phobia completely took over my life. I can't sleep at night b/c I constantly smell smoke. I have panic attacks, clammy hands and start to sweat. I have to have my children all in the same room as me when they sleep in case there is a fire I can get them out quicker. I don't even like to use my stove so we eat prepared foods everynight. It's worse when everybody goes to sleep b/c I feel like if I fall asleep I won't be able to hear the smoke detecters and I won't be able to get my children out. So, I stay up most of the night scouring the house for signs of fire. Of course everybody thinks I'm insane but I can't help it. I used to think people w/ phobias were faking it but not anymore.

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