Pyrophobia, fear of fire

Well since I was 6 years old I have had a fear of fire. I realised I had Pyrophobia when I was living in Sydney with my parents and a bushfire was blazing at the end of my street. Me and my friends rode our bikes down there and stared at the fire, I didn't get of my bike cause I thought if I did and something bad happened, like the fire got to out of control, I wouldn't have enough time to get away and I didn't move closer to the fire instead I creapt slowly away from the bushfire. I rode to my house and never wanted to see a bushfire again.
But then I was in the 5th grade and I had to light a candle for a religion thing, I didn't know I was afraid of a light candle, so I had a match in one hand and the match box in the other and it took seconds until I said I couldn't do it, I couldn't light a match stick. And 2 years after that my brother was lighting candles and swinging them around the place and I'd walk into the room and instantly walk straight out and couldn't trust my brother when he lights a candle, cause I'm afraid he'll drop it and that small flame could turn into that same bushfire I saw when I was in Sydney and I'd burn to death in that possible fire. So even now I still have a fear of fire.

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