by Kerrie

Iv been scared to death of puppets and dolls ( Pupaphobia) ever since i can remember. Punch and judy scared the heck out of me when i was a child, and they still do. i dont know what started it all, all i know is that i hated watching punch and judy and 3 little pigs and things like that. I still hate dolls now. I can hug teddy bears and soft toys, but puppets are just too freaky and i would never want to touch one no-matter how big, small, cute or ugly it is.

I just watched a video with a little kid playing with his dummy, and i could feel my heart in my stumach and my neck at the same time, my eyes must have popped out of my head. Every time i see one i just freeze and dont move (like some people do when they see a ghost).

I hate puppets so much!

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